Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Costumes Galore

Do you remember my post from last year about DIY Halloween costumes
Well I'm sure we all know that I LURVE creating my own costumes.
Growing up I made my costume every year, I don't think I ever bought a costume from a costume shop.
Well, my cute friend Bethanie created a fun blog all about handmade costumes.
Her blog is called Creative Costumes Rock.
Anybody can send in their DIY costumes and guess what? 
At the end of the year everyone will vote on their favorite costume and you could win a prize.
She is genius.
So go check out her fun blog, and submit your handmade costumes.
 I have a couple costumes on there that I've submitted as well (I hope I win)!
You can also like Creative Costumes Rock on the Face.


  1. I love making my daughters!! She grow up and thank me I am sure :0 )

  2. I want to try making a costume someday. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck!