Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Halloween is Just Around the Corner...

And it's coming fast. I'm a pretty big Halloween advocate. I like to dress up and have fun but even more than that, I like to make my own costumes. Last year Noah was the Madhatter and I was Alice. My costume was easy I just bought a blue dress and a wig. But Noah's was quite the little project. I had been collecting things for months and slowly put it all together. I was pretty happy with it and I think he really liked it!

Well it's time again to start thinking about what we want to be this year. I'm thinking I want to be an owl and Noah thinks he wants to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

I love this little owl dress and I think it would be super easy to make. And then add a cute owl mask like the ones below.

I love this costume for Noah. We will see of we can find a good onesie like this one.

And Luc already resembles a fox so we are gonna spray paint her red


Just for fun I searched the world wide web for other fun DIY costumes. Most of these ideas came from Some of these are cute, some are strange, and some are just purely for entertainment. Enjoy...

Cait and Nate my aunt and uncle were a Seagull and garbage.. I thought that was pretty clever.

Candy corn. This is cute and would be pretty easy to make

Who doesn't love Bob Ross? Happy little trees

I'm not a huge fan of the Gags but this would be easy

Mario Kart.. silly boys
I saw this and thought of Ali and Greg 

This is kinda mean but it is clever

This is so cute, I just love this idea!

Now I'm really diggin this!! I table full of Johnny Depps!!!
Such a cute idea for a mamma and little one!

I love The Birds!
Clever little feller

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! One day we are doing this!

All my Star Wars peeps this is for you! Han Solo!
Mr Facebook himself
I love this idea for a little one

That's all folks.

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