Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vintage Baby Shower - For Ali

I'm so excited that my friends are having babies. It seems like everyone is pregnant right now and Ali is one of those lucky ladies. Ali and I have been close friends since high school. We spent most of our days skipping class and swimming in her pool. We also went off to college together and then worked in Alaska the following summer. She was in a scary long boarding accident a few years ago and we were scared we might lose her. But Ali is a tough chick and she turned out to be as good as new! We love our Ali and were so happy to throw her this baby shower.

Ali's decorating baby girl's nursery with light colors and vintage floral patterns so I thought I'd decorate with a similar concept. I made the tissue paper poms using this HGTV tutorial. I made the 'BABY' banner by tying strips of fabrics on a string then made the pennant banner from pre-cut linen triangles. We had yummy chicken salad sandwiches from Village Baker. And authentic macarons from Dolcetti Gelato. We also had lemon cake, fruits, veggies, and cookies to nibble on.

It seems like us ladies only see each other at weddings and showers these days. It was so fun to get together with them and celebrate Ali and her baby girl on the way! Below are photos of the shower.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Much Needed, But Much Too Short Trip to California

At the beginning of the month we took a little trip to Cali. This trip was a long time coming. About a year and a half ago we planned a trip to Alaska, but a few months later we canceled it because we realized it would be too hard to take Finn and we weren't ready to leave him yet. Then, we had a different trip planned in August of last year, to go to California. We just so happened to find a perfect little home and closing date fell right during our trip, so it got postponed.... until now.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get away from the smog-filled, freeze your buns off, Utah weather. And I now think that every winter we need to take a trip somewhere warm, to rejuvinate our spirits (Utah winters tend to drag on... and on).

So let me tell you about our trip. Every time we're about to get on a plane I worry, I go over all the different scenarios in my head. Will Finn cry the whole flight and everyone on board hate us? Will the oxygen masks fall and mine be the only one that doesn't have a flow of oxygen (wouldn't that be a terrible way to go?) I'm a complete mess the whole day and a half before getting on that flight. But of course, once I'm on, all is well and things usually go pretty smoothly. Finn cried for about 20 minutes at the beginning of the flight but then zonked out and slept most of the way. Sigh of relief.

I love Long Beach airport because it's quaint and there's never a lot of people, that's a great way to start out any vacation. It was a warm 60 degrees (to me that's warm). My aunt Mikelle and cousin Aubrey picked us up and we were ready to party.

That first day we went to Balboa Islands which is in Newport Beach. Such a fun little island with shops and the most beautiful homes. Unfortunately it started to down poor so we didn't spend a whole lot of time there but it was fun to see.

The next day was probably my favorite. We met some pretty amazing people that day. We went to LA to meet up with my sweet friend Carly. We have been friends for about a year now, we met basically on social media because we both have Etsy shops. She makes the most amazing kids clothing, and Finn greatly appreciates that, wink wink. We met at a little french dip joint in LA called Philippe's and we all chatted together for what seemed like hours. I was a little nervous meeting up with someone I only knew from texting and messaging but she is the sweetest person and it was like we'd known each other for years.

Then, off to our next venture. We met another couple through Instagram recently who have a sweet little girl with a similar condition to Finn's. We were so excited to find out that they lived close to Irvine (where we were staying) so we met up at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Again, it was like we knew them for years as well. They are the kindest, most up lifting people and little Dani is the sweetest thing you could ever hold in your arms. It was amazing to finally put our two kids next to one another, you could tell they both knew one another and that they'd be friends for life! We then went to dinner with the Smith family and chatted about our sweet kiddos, and then it was back to Irvine.

Saturday was beach day. We went to Laguna Beach, always a stop for us! As a teenager we always went there because I was obsessed with the MTV show Laguna Beach, but now it's just tradition. Walking up and down PCH and gelato on Peppertree Lane. We then went to Montage Beach to hang out and let Finn stick his toes in the sand. Unfortunately he blew out of his diaper, which hasn't happened in over a year so that was just our luck, and we left a little earlier than we would've liked.

Sunday was beach day numero dos. We went to Little Corona Beach so Noah could see the tide pools, he's into that sort of thing. So while he explored, Mikelle, the kids and I had a little picnic on the beach. Until the seagulls swarmed us and we graciously gave up the rest of our food. I think Noah would live on the beach if he could, and I'm sure you'll see what I mean when you see the photo of him below. Beach. Bum. We then took a little bike ride down Newport Beach, which Finn totally hated. He cried the whole time, but we enjoyed it anyway.

Monday was the day we went home, sad face. It really was a short trip unfortunately, but we hope to go back again soon. Thanks to Mikelle and Jeremy for being fabulous hosts and the great state of California for your sandy beaches and warm weather, bless you.

Now for the photo dump...

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. 
That face.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Home: A Tour

We've been in our house now for about 6 months and I feel like it's coming together. It looks just how I want it to, for the time being anyway. I've always had a love for decorating and learning about different styles. As a kid/teenager I re-arranged and updated my room on a bi-annually basis.

I have really grown to love this home we've settled into. I really feel like I belong here and I'm looking forward to watching our family grow in this home.

Before we bought this house I decided I wanted to go with a mid century modern theme. It ended up being a mish mosh of mid century, modern and eclectic elements. Have a little looksy!

L I V I N G    R O O M

For the living room I wanted a gold theme. At first it was looking a little to bright and cheery (I know, I'm weird) so I added some black elements to the room to give it some edge. Our last home had a bright, vintage-y feel and I wanted to go in a different direction with this new home.

Sofa- Macy's
Coffee Table- thrifted
Rug- Ikea
Sputnik Light- Ebay
Arm chairs- Target (similar here)
Entry table-
Gold Pillows- Goods By Grinn
Black and white pillows- Etsy
Armchair pillows- handmade by me
Side table- handmade by Orwa Designs
Curtains- handmade by me (pair of black and pair of white curtains from Target, cut and sewed together).

M A S T E R  B E D R O O M

Our room is so cozy. It was actually two rooms and the previous owners knocked down the wall to create one large master, I'm so glad they did because our room is spacious and bright with all those windows. I bought the orange chair from a Mid Century Modern shop downtown SLC and decided to go with a gray, orange and gold color scheme.

Bed- Ikea
Dresser- thrifted and refinished by the hubs
Rug- Urban Outfitters
Hanging Pendant Lamp- Urban Outfitters
Pair of lamps- Target
Gold Pillow- Goods By Grinn
Orange Blanket- Target
Starburst mirror- Target
Arm Chair- Vintage- Tomorrow's House (SLC)
Curtains- Target


Finn's room might just be my favorite room in the house. It's such a boy room but it's fun and lively. I absolutely love the black and white trend right now and before we moved in I knew I wanted the nursery to be black and white. I love how it all came together and he loves the black and white contrast.

Crib- Amazon
Dresser- Ikea
Rug- Urban Outfitters
Replica Eames Rocker- Online Furniture Store
Wallpaper- Ferm Living
Curtains- Target
Wolf Book Ends- Design Atelier
Floating Book shelf- Ikea
Lamp- Target
Hanging Light Fixture- Ikea
White moose head- Zgallerie
Triangle pillows- Custom made from CarlyMegan
Mountains pillow- Juniper Wilde
Mobile- Handmade by me
Quilt- Handmade by me

B A S E M E N T -  F A M I L Y  R O O M

Our first home didn't have a basement, well it did, but it was a dungeon and smelled like cat pee and death, so I only went down there to do laundry. I must say, I LOVE having a basement. It stays nice and dark, cool and we can veg out in front of the TV at night after Finn goes to bed. I kept it pretty simple because I didn't want a lot of clutter. I decorated the walls with pages from an old calendar of all the national parks. Around the corner of the family room is a little office nook that is so fun and cozy. Our basement also has two spare bedrooms, we use one as a guest room and the other as storage/exercise room.

Leather Sofa- SofaMart
Leather chair and ottoman- Consigment Store
Arm chair- thrifted
Side Table- Target
TV Stand- Ebay
Kids recliner- Ikea

O F F I C E  N O O K

I love our little office nook. It's quiet and tucked away. Not only is it good for business but it makes for a great craft/sewing area too.


Bookshelf- Ikea
Desk- Ikea
Chair- Ikea


The kitchen is great because there's a lot of counter space and natural light. We plan on making a few updates. We want to change out the floors and paint the walls white to match the rest of the house. 

Home sweet home. We love our new pad and can't wait to add some more of our own touches to it along the way. Come this spring, that bleak backyard is getting a little facelift!