Thursday, July 5, 2012

Revamped Coral Lou

First of all how was everyone's 4th?
Our's consisted of sleeping in, going to lunch at Finn's (now why would we decide to eat there?), car shopping, and having a bbq/outdoor movie with family.

Remember this post about the bathroom facelift? Ya that was a long time ago and we finally got around to sprucing the lou up.
Noah's parents came for a visit a couple weeks ago and his dad was kind enough to help us paint our bathroom.
I know blue was the idea we were going with but I stumbled upon this color at Lowe's and fell in love with it. It's called tropical bloom and it has a nice corally hue to it. 
My two favorite colors at the moment are coral and mint. But isn't that everybody's?
Love them.

So anyway the boys painted, I went to Ikea and found that cute little plant, and I also created that fish print. Not bad for my first shot at creating a print in photoshop if I do say so myself.



I love how the bathroom turned out. The coral paint makes the white fixtures really pop and I love that.
Next up, bedroom makeover!


  1. looks so good! that color is magnificent.

  2. Lyss! I love it! You are so good at stuff like this!!

  3. Love the coral! My favorite color is orange, so I think I would like it anyway. But, I really do think it's way cute! Our bathroom was yellow too, but my mom isn't as adventurous as you and just painted it beige :( Haha!

  4. oh syss. things just keep getting better and better over there. coral. my true love.

  5. I love a good home makeover, great job. I like how the color pops too.