Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Time for a Bathroom Facelift

We have lived in our little blue bungalow for almost a year now. We have not touched the bathroom, aside from hanging some towels and throwing a cheap bath rug on the tile floor. I'd say it's about time. We are going to wait until after the baby is born to start this endeavor but it's got my mind just a reelin'. We don't want to do a whole lot, maybe just some paint and a few new decorations and textiles. Anything will be better than the icky yellow that is currently plastering our walls. Feast your eyes on this.

 See what I mean? The yellow is doing nothing for the great subway tiled shower and white fixtures.

Now before I dive into our plans, I just have to dream for a moment.....

We are a very rustic kind of people. We love anything wood, wood grained, or gritty. I can't get enough of the barn house/country style. Also, I just love the exposed brick in these bathrooms, isn't it great? So ya, these are my dream bathrooms. Ok, moving on now....

Blue is the idea. I think a nice blue will really make those white bathroom fixtures and features stand out. We just can't decide if we want a lighter seaside blue like in the first and second photos or a darker more vibrant blue like the photo I posted at the top of this post. Or maybe even some stripes! 
We need feedback, what do you think?

Next up, bedroom facelift. (Our poor bedroom is in worse shape than the bathroom if you can imagine that.)


  1. for one, the bathroom with the antlers make me swoon! could you imagine a nice tib in that puppy. wowwee! also- blu is good. very nautical. you should get an iron clad whale to display. also- found an etsy shop, bright forest. she makes cute whale prints. get one!

  2. Ooo ya a whale would be so cute! I'll check out her shop!

  3. What an awesome royal blue bathtub! Fir for a princess. Thank you so much for stopping by! newest follower here!


  4. i'm actually really liking that dark blue color in the first photo. can't wait to see what you do either way :)
    xo TJ

  5. what an adorable bathroom you have! and that shower tile is TO.DIE.FOR.
    if you're going to do a solid color, i would go lighter, so your bathroom doesn't seem too small, if you do stripes {ooh! you should do horizontal ones!} go with a darker color since it'll be broken up.
    great blog - I'm a new follower! :)

  6. Wow, I do love the tile in your bathroom... And I am excited to see the after pictures!!!