Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Years of Bliss

Ok, so it isn't always bliss but I definitely hit the jackpot with the hubs. He is such a wonderful husband and father and it's crazy to think that we were married only 2 years ago today. It feels like we've been together for eternity (oh wait, we have). 
We actually celebrated  our special day yesterday.
We took our sweet baby up the canyon to show him where his parents were married.
He cried. A lot, at first.
I was a little worried because we are pretty outdoorsy people and if our kid doesn't like the great outdoors then we are in big trouble. 
But once he calmed down he loved it.
He was listening to the birds chirping and the water in the creek rushing by.
I think we're good.

We are making it a tradition to go up to the spot where we were married every year on our anniversary.

I just had to post a picture of his cute outfit, don't you love those jeans? Old Navy, folks.

I really, really like him

Did I tell you how sweet Noah is? Look what he gave me for our anniversary.
He put together a bouquet of cotton (each year is a different gift and year number 2 is cotton, go figure)
And he gave me a book written by him about "our story" and our whirlwind romance in Alaska.
Do you wanna know what I got him? I'm not even going to tell you because it's so lame compared to his thoughtful gift. (ok, I'll tell you, I got him gardening shears. So romantic)

It was a lovely day that ended with O'Falafel, so yum, and  bottle of sparkling cider.

Happy Anniversary to my honey!


  1. Your wedding picture is GORGEOUS! Congrats, Zemkes :)

  2. Yay for 2 years! That's cute that you go back to your wedding spot - congrats!

  3. What a wonderful tradition! Congratulations!!

  4. We just celebrated 16 years and wow does it go by fast. Ok, your husband is seriously thoughtful and romantic, my husband would never in a million years give me such a sweet gift. And your baby boy, too darling for words.

  5. I seriously think this family can make the cutest babies! Haha, lol :)

  6. what a sweet sweet sweet idea! even though i'm a day late, congrats on celebrating two whole years (plus a baby!) how exciting! i really love the log pic, I especially hope y'all do that one every year!

  7. I freakin Love your blog. Such a cute Idea to take pics every year! So fun!!