Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alaska.. You Still Have My Heart

Skagway, Alaska is my idea of the most perfect place on earth. If you asked me the one place I would give anywhere to go, it would be Skagway with my honey. This is where Noah and I met. Summer of 2008 I was working for Del Sol, Noah was working up on the Glacier doing dog sled runs for tourists and one fateful day we ran into one another. Actually he came into the store because he had just arrived and was familiar with Del Sol so he dropped in for a visit. A few weeks later we hung out for the first time. We went on a hike with my roommates and his buddy. We had some really great talks and I knew right off the bat this guy was different. I could be myself around him. So we hung out a few more times with lots of people, we went up the canyons and had campfires, and went to eat at the local restaurants. We started to just click.
One day I had work off and Noah was down from the glacier (he lived up there in tents and they got to come down for the weekend) and we decided to drive to Whitehorse, Canada. It was about a 2 hour drive so we rented a car and we were off. We had a blast, we went to KFC (there's no fast food chains in Skagway) and to see the Dark Knight. And on the way home we both felt that this was more than just a good time. We connected in a way that we didn't connect with anyone else. Throughout the summer we continued to hang out and have a blast. Then August came around and it was time for Noah to go back home and I stayed in Skagway for another 2 months. So for a last hooray we took a ferry to Juneau for a couple days and it was great to just spend time together and check out Juneau. Then we said goodbye. I'll be honest, I didn't think we would see each other again but clearly that wasn't the case! Skagway will always be dear to our hearts. When it's raining, I go outside and close my eyes and picture myself back there. (It rained 95% of the time in AK). Sometimes I get teary eyed just thinking about this magical place. Noah and I can't wait to take our family back there someday. I know I'm not going to want to leave though.
For more of our adventures in Skagway visit my Alaska Blog.
Little town of Skagway, pop: 850

The girls and I lived above the lovely RadioShack which doubled as a movie rental, convenience store, and tanning salon

Me and Al hard at work.. on Facebook no doubt
Del Sol Girls... check out that view
And this is where Noah lived.. with 300 dogs

This picture was taken the first time Noah and I hung out.. look at that moss!

Ali and I decided to catch some fish with our bare hands during the Salmon Run

Train Ride

I miss this..

He loved his handle bar mustache. Me, not so much

Pirate Party next door

Our ferry ride to Juneau

This guy was great! We talked to him all the time about religion.. he was die hard

Exploring the glacier

These last few came from Noah's stash.

Our first hike
Noah and his pals

The dogs are all ready for a run

We'll see you soon Skagtown. 


  1. I grew up in southeast Alaska on an island logging camp. It is truly a magical place! There is just nothing quite like it. And the rain...oh yes the rain! I want to take my family back there some day too...what a sweet love story to share with your kids some day.

  2. Alaska looks absolutely beautiful. My brother and his family are moving there in a month and I cannot wait to visit them. Your pictures have made me even more excited!

  3. This is so cool....such a cute love story:)

    this past summer I lived in Sitka, Alaska. it was the time of my life and i miss it sooo much every day! there's something about Alaska that creeps into your heart:) xoxo

    1. I totally know how you feel. Alaska is the best place ever! I've wanted to go to Sitka so bad, I hear it's beautiful!

  4. Love your love story! I hiked the Chilkoot trail with my boyfriend last summer, Skagway is definitely a magical place!


  5. My husband and I currently work for Del Sol\Cariloha, and have been offered a managing position for the summer in Skagway. As I was researching it, I found your Alaska blog. I was so thrilled to find out that you and Noah got married! I just wanted to tell you that. I'm pretty giddy over it.
    Also, you've really helped me feel better about going.