Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 Months Old

This boy is getting so big.
We can't believe how quickly time has gone by.
As I've mentioned before, Finn has been pretty colicky over here so we're looking forward to that passing.
Despite that, we love him so much and love watching him grow and learn.
Things that we love about Finn right now:
1. He loves his toy moose, he likes to stare and bat at it.
2. He now enjoys being naked
3. He loves walks in his stroller
4. Those chunky cheeks of his are so fun to kiss
5. He still likes to be swaddled and snuggled
6. He gives us cute smiles after he wakes up
7. Still not a huge bath fan but he's warming up to it.
8. He spits up out his nose (is that normal?)
9. And best of all, he's sleeping through the night.

Happy 2 months Finny.
Don't grow up too fast. Please.


  1. So freaking cute! Those cheeks!

  2. In the bath picture, he's like "mommmmm, why are you taking a nother picture!" haha.

  3. can i squish him please? i am so over this sick thing. can't we just put masks on them and call it good?

  4. Sleeping through the night? Lucky momma.

  5. Newest follower:) I am having a boy Sept 3rd and loved reading your posts on the hospital bag and baby essentials great to know! You have yourself a cutie!!

  6. He is SERIOUSLY perfect! I want to squeeze him! Your blog is so so cute, I LOVE! Can't wait to see your sweet baby boy grow, it makes me want mine RIGHT NOW! One more week!