Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Do's for Dirty Mom Hair

I would totally shave my head if I was brave enough. 
I really don't have time to do my hair anymore, being a new momma takes up all of my time.
And frankly, showering doesn't happen everyday so I've adopted some quick yet cute hairdos I can whip out when I just don't have the time to get ready.

The ever popular top knot is my most favorite go to quick do. This is my favorite way to do the top knot seeing as I don't have very long hair.

This looks difficult and time consuming but it really isn't. Once I figured out how to do the side braid on myself I can whip one of these out in about 5 minutes. So cute.

Milk maid braid. Super easy. Two braids on each side, twist and pin up.

Quick, easy curls. No curling iron. Dampen your hair, and twist into little buns all over your head, blow dry or wait until it air dries and you get a nice beachy wave like this.

My bangs get so icky and it's nice to pull them back when I can't get a shower in.
This looks like a french braid but it isn't and it's so easy to do. Watch the video tutorial here.

One of these days I'll figure out how to take care of my babe, clean my house, do the dishes, run all my errands, launder our clothing, and get ready all in one day, until then, I'm sticking to these cute hair do's.
Good luck!


  1. Oh, dirty mom I've struggled with this! One year in, it isn't any better. I finally chopped off my long hair in the hopes that having it short again would inspire me to stop wearing it in a ponytail and actually style it -- nope, now I just have a short, stubby ponytail that looks awful. I'm impressed if you are actually walking around looking like these gorgeous pictures so soon after having your little one!

  2. Stella is 4 months old - and I am still struggling with dirty mom hair! I am lucky if I get a shower every day, too. Thanks for posting these cute ideas! I will have to try some. You will get the hang of everything one day (I don't know when because I haven't yet either. But it will happen!)

  3. Don't shave your head! I had a pixie cut when I got pregnant and let it grow out some, then after baby came-back came the pixie cut. It is so SLOW to grow back out AND I really think shorter hair is harder to deal with. It has to be clean or it just looks, well, nasty. I love these hair dos and cannot wait until I have enough hair to do some of them!!

  4. My daughter graduated last year and I still do this!!! Dry shampoo is my friend!!! ;-) Thanks for sharing these cute ideas!!

  5. i think im beautiful and you're a wonderful women