Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Serious Nesting

I know it's soon, possibly too soon to start putting the nursery together. I'm only 15 weeks, but I'm jumping in with two feet! We have decided on a theme for Finn's room. Alaskan Themed of course! Since we are Alaska junkies it's only natural right? We have decided on wall colors which will be a light gray and woodsy yet tasteful green. We know we want a darker wood colored crib but we aren't quite sure on the style yet. We have so many ideas it's going to be hard to narrow it down but here are a few we have for Finn's Alaskan Hideaway! 

1. Graco Charleston Crib in Cherry wood
2. Plaid throw
3. Love the dark blue dresser
4. Green and gray paint color ideas
5. whale print for gallery wall
6. Chevron print rug from Urban (kinda on the fence with this one, it doesn't really fit the Alaskan theme)
7. Moose head ALREADY PURCHASED!! from Zgallerie
8. Adorable Alaska Pillow from an Etsy shop (they sew a little heart on the city of your choice. Skagway!)


 1. Awesome rocker/glider from Walmart (doesn't this look comfy)
2. White drapes
3. Plaid.. lots of plaid
4. Driftwood lamp
5. Antler Chandelier (this one probably won't happen, and that's more hunterish than Alaska so we'll probably pass on this one)
6. Moose Print from Etsy
7. Whale Pillow from Etsy.. so cute.
8. I love you from here to Alaska print! My aunt Mikelle is recreating this for me.. love it.
9. Mountainous switch plate cover.

 1. Burlap drapes.. we'll probably do this instead of the white.
2. Polar Bear rug from Land of Nod.. how perfect!!
3. Stuffed Moose for Finn to snuggle
4. Vintage map of Alaska
5. Shelf made from an old pallet (definitely doing this)
6. Linus Bear print.. we already bought this from an Etsy shop! So cute.
7. Natural wood dresser
8. Oops did the Alaska print twice
9. Dark blue night stand

 I am having way too much fun with this. And I can't wait til it's all finished and I can bring little Finn home and rock him to sleep in his Alaskan nursery.


  1. I made the pallet shelf and love it!! I also did the big one using the whole pallet. Its so easy and you will love it! Are you going to put the driftwood that Noah carved Skagway in? I totally think you should!

  2. Now is the PERFECT time to do this! Once you hit the third trimester, you might be headed to bed by seven and dizzy (but I hope not.) It's good to do it while you can. Finn's nursery is going to be perfect! What a cool mom you are. (I'm definitely not as cool as you.)

  3. Al, ya we are totally hanging the drift wood on the wall, I love it. And remember that old buoy he brought over that one time, we're gonna display that too haha. You made the half shelf too? I wanna see it, send me some pics.

    Michelle, ya I figured I'd be too big and too tired to do it right before he comes plus I'm excited about it right now so it's the best time to do it!

  4. So I guess IKEA sells the faux bear fur rug. I want one too, so perhaps we should go down there one day. Thanks for scavengering with me today. One day we will make a career of it! Also- tell me what night you want to go sneak the pallets. Love ya Syss!

  5. You got it sista. Ya lets totally go sometime soon. Today was fun, lets scaveng again soon!!

  6. so cute. I love everything. I love that it's unique and your own creativity, but most of all I love that you guys met and fell in love in Alaska. So good to see you on the wedding!

  7. IT was so good to see you too Kell, your wedding was beautiful!!

  8. So so so fun! I'm 38 weeks now, waiting for out little guy to show up:-) The nesting has been a big part of life these past few weeks, that's for sure! xoxo

  9. This stuff is SO CUTE!!! I love it all! Can't wait to see it come together :)