Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Evening at the State Fair

Fall is just around the corner, I can smell it. Fall is my fave so I'm totally cool with it. Before we give summer a big smooch and send it on it's way we spent an evening at the Utah State Fair. Fairs, I mean who doesn't love them? Carny rides and games, food that will give you the runs and salesmen that persuade you to buy mops you don't really need. Finn was brave and rode his first carny ride with dad, he was so cute going round and round. We got some delicious food, navajo tacos (what's more American than a navajo taco?), pulled pork sandwiches and deep fried taters. For dessert? A frothy nutella shake. Um yes! We tried our hand at a few carny games, I totally won a fish. I acted out the entire scene from My Girl when she drops her carny fish (I didn't really drop it, just reliving my favorite childhood movie). We named him Gill and we stopped by Walmart on the way home to buy him a home and some food. On the way out we got sucked into one of those tents that has all the weird crap you can buy. Last year we spent like an hour watching a cooking presentation, I was all ready to fork over hundreds of dollars to be the new owner of those incredible pots and pans. Luckily the husband was there to talk me down. This year the mop guy sucked us in, it was the chocolate sauce on the floor that did it. So we caved and bought the mops. I guess we need a new mop anyway, right?

It was a fun, spur of the moment night and luckily the rain held back until we left. Oh and did I mention the Beach Boys were performing? Fist bump!

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