Sunday, August 3, 2014

The 24th at the Cabin

The 24th of July is a big holiday here in Utah. It's the celebration of the settling of the Salt Lake Valley, we take it very seriously with lots of parades, food and fireworks. So basically just another Independence Day. This year we celebrated at our cabin in Oakley, we spent 4 days playing around in the water, the boys fished and we soaked up the mountain air. Kamas is a small town near Oakley, we went to their annual parade on the 24th. I love going to small towns, everyone knows each other and life just seems to be more simple. We tooted around Smith & Moorhouse, a small but beautiful reservoir, ate lots of good food (including the best gas station donuts you've ever tasted), took Finn on his first hike and played in the river behind the cabin. It was so nice to get away from the city to relax and spend time with family.

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