Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Home: A Tour

We've been in our house now for about 6 months and I feel like it's coming together. It looks just how I want it to, for the time being anyway. I've always had a love for decorating and learning about different styles. As a kid/teenager I re-arranged and updated my room on a bi-annually basis.

I have really grown to love this home we've settled into. I really feel like I belong here and I'm looking forward to watching our family grow in this home.

Before we bought this house I decided I wanted to go with a mid century modern theme. It ended up being a mish mosh of mid century, modern and eclectic elements. Have a little looksy!

L I V I N G    R O O M

For the living room I wanted a gold theme. At first it was looking a little to bright and cheery (I know, I'm weird) so I added some black elements to the room to give it some edge. Our last home had a bright, vintage-y feel and I wanted to go in a different direction with this new home.

Sofa- Macy's
Coffee Table- thrifted
Rug- Ikea
Sputnik Light- Ebay
Arm chairs- Target (similar here)
Entry table-
Gold Pillows- Goods By Grinn
Black and white pillows- Etsy
Armchair pillows- handmade by me
Side table- handmade by Orwa Designs
Curtains- handmade by me (pair of black and pair of white curtains from Target, cut and sewed together).

M A S T E R  B E D R O O M

Our room is so cozy. It was actually two rooms and the previous owners knocked down the wall to create one large master, I'm so glad they did because our room is spacious and bright with all those windows. I bought the orange chair from a Mid Century Modern shop downtown SLC and decided to go with a gray, orange and gold color scheme.

Bed- Ikea
Dresser- thrifted and refinished by the hubs
Rug- Urban Outfitters
Hanging Pendant Lamp- Urban Outfitters
Pair of lamps- Target
Gold Pillow- Goods By Grinn
Orange Blanket- Target
Starburst mirror- Target
Arm Chair- Vintage- Tomorrow's House (SLC)
Curtains- Target


Finn's room might just be my favorite room in the house. It's such a boy room but it's fun and lively. I absolutely love the black and white trend right now and before we moved in I knew I wanted the nursery to be black and white. I love how it all came together and he loves the black and white contrast.

Crib- Amazon
Dresser- Ikea
Rug- Urban Outfitters
Replica Eames Rocker- Online Furniture Store
Wallpaper- Ferm Living
Curtains- Target
Wolf Book Ends- Design Atelier
Floating Book shelf- Ikea
Lamp- Target
Hanging Light Fixture- Ikea
White moose head- Zgallerie
Triangle pillows- Custom made from CarlyMegan
Mountains pillow- Juniper Wilde
Mobile- Handmade by me
Quilt- Handmade by me

B A S E M E N T -  F A M I L Y  R O O M

Our first home didn't have a basement, well it did, but it was a dungeon and smelled like cat pee and death, so I only went down there to do laundry. I must say, I LOVE having a basement. It stays nice and dark, cool and we can veg out in front of the TV at night after Finn goes to bed. I kept it pretty simple because I didn't want a lot of clutter. I decorated the walls with pages from an old calendar of all the national parks. Around the corner of the family room is a little office nook that is so fun and cozy. Our basement also has two spare bedrooms, we use one as a guest room and the other as storage/exercise room.

Leather Sofa- SofaMart
Leather chair and ottoman- Consigment Store
Arm chair- thrifted
Side Table- Target
TV Stand- Ebay
Kids recliner- Ikea

O F F I C E  N O O K

I love our little office nook. It's quiet and tucked away. Not only is it good for business but it makes for a great craft/sewing area too.


Bookshelf- Ikea
Desk- Ikea
Chair- Ikea


The kitchen is great because there's a lot of counter space and natural light. We plan on making a few updates. We want to change out the floors and paint the walls white to match the rest of the house. 

Home sweet home. We love our new pad and can't wait to add some more of our own touches to it along the way. Come this spring, that bleak backyard is getting a little facelift!


  1. Your house looks beautiful and homey!! I love Finn's room the best! The black and white is such a fun touch!

  2. your house is gorgeous! especially that gorgeous dresser in the master! we've been in ours almost 2 years and i hate to say how many rooms are still not done ;)

  3. I love it Allyssa!!! You are really a talented designer!- jen