Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper

Just thought I'd drop in to do a little tutorial on our handstamped holiday wrapping paper. I haven't had much time for blogging lately but I hope to still do a post every now and again. 
Every Christmas I like to do a different theme with my wrapping. The first year I was married I wrapped everything in tissue paper and tied them with hand made tags. Last year I did kraft paper and pine branches with twine. This year I thought it'd be fun to make my own hand stamped wrapping paper and black and white printed tags. Here's what you need, and how to do it:


kraft paper
white wrapping paper
acrylic paint (I used white, red, metallic gold, metallic silver, and black)
sponge brush
stamps (I had images made into stamps at I did a pine tree and deer head)
stencils (you can do this instead of stamps, I created my own mountain stencil by printing off the image and cutting it out onto the stencil sheet)
fun string to tie it all up

1. Now this takes some patience, especially with large sheets of wrapping paper. Cut out the size of paper you'll need for each specific gift. 
2. Dip your stamp in paint but dab it off a bit. I'd do a couple practice rounds before you start stamping, just to get a feel for it.
3. Stamp in a staggered pattern for prettiest results.
4. Let dry, it doesn't take long for it to dry, about 10 minutes for kraft paper and 20 minutes for wrapping paper.
5. Wrap up your gift and tie it with cool string. I got some tinsel string, gold stretch string and bakers twine and JoAnn's.

I made the tags and printed them off in black and white. I love how the black and white contrasts with the wrapping paper. Feel free to snag the tags at the bottom and use them for your own gifts.

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