Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Ramblings at 2am About Homes, Faith and Progression

"our" home

It's 2am I can't sleep because of all the jumbled thoughts going through my nutty head. First of all, we moved into our home last week, finally. It's so great to have a home again, and this got me thinking about the crazy path we were on to get us here. We had two other homes before this one that we had put offers on and we thought they were "the ones." The first time we walked through this house we liked it, but weren't jumping out of our socks over it. We went through 4 months of house hunting, in and out of contracts, and hopelessly wondering if we'd ever find "our" home. Now that we are here and settled in our home I chuckle to myself and give a little wink and thumbs up to God because, this was all him. It seems silly, I mean, it's just a house. And it is, it's just a house. But he can sure teach us through silly things like houses. As I look back at the other homes we thought we couldn't live without, I can't imagine living there because this one is so perfect for us, even if  I didn't quite see it at first, and I'm so grateful we were patient and faithful enough to go along with God's plan instead of our own.

I've been going through somewhat of a personal restructure of faith. The last couple years I have been very idle with my faith and I've felt super lousy. I knew in the back of my mind exactly why I've felt lousy but I never did anything about it. Now that I've settled in my home I have the yearning to grow and learn more about my faith, Jesus Christ, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've been trying to read my scriptures more regularly and I've been listening to podcasts of people and members of my faith who have similar viewpoints that I do and it's really been helping me on my journey of the person and follower of Christ that I want to become. I really don't EVER want to become one of those people that just goes through the motions of going to church and putting on an "I'm super righteous" show, "look at my fabulous, perfect life." I want to have depth in my faith and beliefs, and I want to be able to talk about it with people and friends. It's important to me that I take my faith seriously and that I'm constantly progressing.

I'm hoping this restructure will also help me with self confidence. I'm not the most confident person out there and I believe that if I have a strong self worth and know who I really am this will help with that. 

This is all very random but this blog has most definitely become more of a journal for me, and not just for me but hopefully for my posterity to read in the future. If you've made it this far, you definitely deserve a high five. 

Good night (morning).

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  1. Amen honey, im really blessed to have you as my wife. I also am very excited to see how the Lord works in our lives and what we learn together. Thanks for posting this :-)