Friday, April 12, 2013

The Zemke's Are On the Move... Again

Yep we're on the move. We bought our cute little blue bungalow exactly 2 years ago and expected to stay here for atleast 5 or 6 years. But when a neighbor down the street sold their house for an awesome price we decided since the market was looking good we'd put our house up for sale too. We really did it as an expiriment, we had it priced a little high and just thought we test the waters. The first week we had about 25 to 30 showings and thought for sure we'd get an offer, nope. The next week we went out of town to Indiana and the day we got there we got an offer. A great offer. So of course we accepted and started looking for another house. This was the tricky part because the housing market here in Utah is sparse. There's nothin out there folks. We'd been looking for a few weeks when we found this cute red brick rambler in a wonderful neighborhood in Holladay. So of course we put in an offer. And as of right we are in the works to become homeowners for the second time.

This house is great. It's a little bigger than our current house, except it has a finished basement and a HUGE backyard (Lucy's favorite part). It's newer than our house, it was built in the 50s, our house now was built in 1916. I'm so excited to live up in Holladay and be so close to the mountains. We plan to stay in this house a lot longer. We're even talking about knocking out the back wall and expanding the house if we want to stay fooor-ev-ver (Sandlot).

As the gal of the household the first thing I'm thinking about is decor. When we bought our current house I was so excited to decorate and make it our own. I went with a rustic vintage look and it went well with our home. I've decided for this next house I want to go in a bit different of a direction. I want to keep the woodsy aspect but add a modern flare. I'm really into mid-century and danish modern style right now. I love the sleek look and clean lines. This house isn't huge so I want to keep it simple and allow for extra space. Ikea is going to be our friend to achieve this look. We also plan to raid all the consignment and vintage furniture shops in town to find some mid-century furniture. West Elm and Urban Outfitters are a couple other places I've been looking to achieve this modern look.

I put together this mood board of the look I want to go with. All of these items can be found at Urban Outfitters, except for the couch and rug which are from West Elm. I'm seriously dying over that pendant light and considering buying it.

Below are inspirations I'm using for our new home. Love. Love it all.

All of these lovely photos can be found at


  1. Congrats on selling your home and buying your second! We sold our first home after three and a half years despite planning to stay for five or six years. It just seemed like the right time to move back "home," and we ended up buying the perfect house to stay in for a long, long time (hopefully foooor-ev-ver). :) I love all the pieces you've picked out, especially that couch and chair!

  2. congrats!! that's awesome that it sold so quickly, and that you found a house that you love! i love your inspiration boards...that UO chair has been a favorite of mine for a while!