Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Trip to the Midwest

Wow, I've been super M.I.A. lately. And by golly so much has been going on around here lately, but I'll get into that in another post. This past weekend we came home from a week long trip to the Midwest to visit Noah's family. Finn got to see his grandparents and meet his Aunts and Great-Grandma Zemke for the first time. I first have to address the flight issue. I was beyond nervous for this flight. Like, I couldn't sleep for a week, nervous. As you all know, Finn his meltdowns where he screams louder than you can imagine for no apparent reason. And as you can imagine my concern was he would lose it on the plane. But guys, he was SO GOOD. I nursed him when we took off and he fell right to sleep so I just left him there for about an hour until he woke up on his own. Then he just hung out on our laps, cooing and smiling. The kid was born to fly. The way back was good as well, although he started having a meltdown as we landed but I didn't care cause the flight was basically over, I think his ears were bothering him. 

Anyway, about this trip. It was long overdue because we don't get to see Noah's family too often. I'd like to thank the airlines for that, for charging astronomical amounts of money for a measly 3 hour flight, it's ridonculous. We had a great time and Finn was such a good boy the entire trip, he loves traveling apparently.
We stayed with Noah's parents in Valparaiso, Indiana. His older sister also lives there with her 2 adorable, lively girls. We spent the week with the family galavanting around town, dying Easter eggs, taking a trip to the ginormo candy factory called Albanese to see the Easter bunny and stock up on pounds and pounds of sugary sweets. I should also probably mention that Noah and his dad went fishing and Noah caught a big trout that he is super proud of. Noah's little sister Ruth then came down from college on Sunday with her new "friend" to hang out with the fam. That was the first time the whole family had been together since the last two babes in the family had been born. 

The last few days of the trip was spent in Chicago, which is about 45 minutes away from the Zemke's home. We decided while we were there we would go see another neurologist, to get a second look over Finn. She was a great doctor but didn't give is any new information we hadn't already heard. But we expected that. She basically said, Finn is just Finn and at this point, he is still just a mystery. While we were downtown I had to stop in at RPM Italian. I'm a super fan of Guilianna + Bill. Totally love their show and their cute lives. They own the restaurant and I was hoping we'd be able to eat there and we totally did. The restaurant is super modern and classy and the food was so delicious and surprisingly, not super expensive. Then on Saturday we spent the day at Noah's grandma's and Finn met his Great Grandma, great aunt, and second cousins. And that night we went back to the hotel and had a mini birthday party for Finn. We gave him a little bit of cake. He dug it. The next day, on Easter sunday, we had a little hotel room devotional then packed up and flew home. It was a fantastic trip, I'm so glad Finn got to spend time with his grandparents and meet his Aunts and cousins for the first time. We love them and hope to see them again very soon!  

Get ready for a picture dump.

Grandma was the designated bather for the week.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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