Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finn's First Birthday!

It happened. He actually turned one. How did this even come about? I swear he was just born, and I know that's such a cliche mom thing to say but I really am flabergasted about this growing up business. His actual birthday was Sunday the 21st but we had a big Mountain Man birthday bash for him on Saturday. We invited all his friends and family and they spoiled him rotten (seriously, thank you everyone for your kind gifts, we love and appreciate all of them!)

We had to go with the mountain man theme because we just like the mountains, you know? I didn't put as much planning into the party as I thought I would due to our big move this weekend. So I kept it pretty low key and it was a blast! We had mountain man food. Hot dogs, burgers, trail mix, granola bars, chips, s'mores cupcakes (mountain men eat cupcakes, no?) For decor I mostly took things from his room and used it for the party decorations. I did make a felt ball garland special for the party and I made his antler cake toppers and an a frame tent (tutorials coming soon). We got his gluten free/vegan cake from City Cakes, which I think is starting to be a tradition because the cakes are just so dang good. We sang happy birthday to the nugget, then my helper Nikson helped open Finn's presents. Finn then fell asleep in Uncle Regan's lap and the rest is history. 

Looking back it has been the craziest year with a capital C. There have been a lot of ups and downs with Finn's development and other issues and we are hoping for a more relaxed year with hopefully some progression and answers. We love our big boy 1 year old (so weird he's actually 1)!

 The end.


  1. adorable! happy first birthday to him :)

  2. what an awesome theme!! well done & very unique!!

  3. So sad I had to miss this party...everything turned out so great! Happiest Birthday to Finn! (And by the way...those antlers on the cake are awesome! I might need a lesson!)