Wednesday, April 10, 2013

11 Months, Big Boy

Is he really almost a year old? In 11 days my big chunk will be a year old. Now, obviously he doesn't do the things a normal 1 year old does so to us, it doesn't seem like he's that old. I'm kind of ok with it. I try to imagine him sitting up or walking around and I can't. He's the way he is and that's that. I kinda like him the way he is. This is how God wants it to be, who am I to wish it any other way? I feel like Finn has made some progression this past month, he seems more alert and able. Here's some new things about the Finn-meister.

1. OCD about sucking his thumb. He seriously loves the thing, it's a raisin all day.
2. He mumbles with his mouth closed, like he's trying to talk in sentences. Does that even make sense?
3. He likes to be held and snuggled.
4. His head control is getting a bit stronger. 
5. With our help he rolls a bit better. We have to give him a head start by rolling his legs but he helps out.
6. He's been a lot more smiley lately.
7. His sleeping habits have been strange. One night he'll sleep 11 hours and the next he'll get up 5 times and be a big old grump.
8. He likes tummy time. He doesn't lift his head but he likes to rub his face in the floor.
9. He's grasping things better and likes to explore objects with his hands.
10. He loves to sing in his bed. 

This kid is a crack up.

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