Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Months

Is he really almost a year old? What am I supposed to do with a 1 year old? Him needs to just stay a little baby. These are a few things we love about our Finny this month..

1. When he gets sleepy he rubs his head and face and sucks his thumb, it's the sweetest thing.
2. He loves to be sitting upright and he sits in the corner of the couch like a big boy and looks around the room.
3. His favorite toy right now is mardi gras beads. He likes to lay on his side and play with them.
4. He loves to sit on mom and dad's lap.
5. He is loving solids more and more, his favorite is still sweet potatoes.
6. He is getting stronger and can hold his head up for longer periods of time.
7. He sometimes prefers being on his tummy now, he likes to rub his face into the floor.
8. He loves to blow spit bubbles.
9. He raises his little eyebrows at the most opportune times.

Right now he's having a meltdown, it's not very cute.

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