Wednesday, February 6, 2013

9 Month's + Finn Update

 I'm late again. Sorry. My big boy is 9 months and in 2.5 months he'll be a year old. Such a big boy. This past month has been a crazy one with all the doctor's and hospital visits. We went back to the eye doctor last week and he said Finn's eyes are looking better. He recommended we take Finn to the Moran Eye Center to do a test called a VEP. So yesterday we did just that. The test was a super easy and quick one. The world renowned doctor (who was quite eccentric by the way. He was talking to us about his testicles and how he thought he had testicular cancer, I know, too much info right? That's exactly what I thought too) attached an electrode to the back of his head and on both his ears to track the brain waves. Then he flashed a bright red light in his eyes and the electrode would record if the brain processed the light/images or not. He gave us the results right away. Finn passed with flying colors meaning his brain is processing the images perfectly and his eye muscles are just delayed along with the rest of his bod. So that is excellent news and gives us a boost of confidence. We are continuing with visual and physical therapy which has been helping him a lot. Now onto some of the cute things we love about our shnitzel right now.

1. His tongue is his best friend. They make so many wonderful sounds together.
2. He is getting stronger and can hold his legs up longer.
3. When he has a lot of energy he'll kick and kick.
4. If he had it his way he'd nurse for an hour and a half every feeding.
5. He loves his crinkle paper toy.
6. He gets excited when we come get him from his crib, he tells us all about his dreams.
7. He loves to lay on his side and grab at toys.
8. He likes to talk on the phone to his grandparents.
9. He looks super cute in girl leggings. (I got him the manliest looking ones)
10. He likes to fall asleep in other people's arms except for mine.
11. At his 9 month appointment he weighed in at 19.2 pounds and is 28 inches long.
12. For the past few weeks he has been sleeping in til 8am. This is mom's favorite!

That's all for now!


  1. His 9 looks really cool. Happy 9 months little guy!! Growing big & strong!!

  2. So just to clarify, he doesnt have testicular cancer, right?

  3. He is getting so big! And I am glad to hear his eyes are doing better, that is great news!

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