Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sing Us a Song My Little Man

 I'm convinced my child is going to be a musician.
Since day one, Finn has had a special connection with music. Anytime we sing to him or play music for him he stops whatever he's doing and just listens intently. 
Sometimes he even sings along.
 During the "cry most of the day" phase he was going through back in the day, we would play him music and he would stop his fits and listen to the songs. Not all the time, but often. Finn doesn't show a lot of interest in many things so the fact that he responds at all to music and singing is pretty amazing. The doctors are baffled by the fact that Finn can coo and sing. I guess they assume since he can't do much of anything else he shouldn't be able to socialize with us. Those silly doctors. His favorite song is still Skinny Love by Bon Iver and every time we play it for him he gets really still, his eyes get big, then he gets excited. It's so fun watching him respond to the music, he's definitely a fan of the Indie music. We just inherited my Great Grandma's record player and we've been playing classical records for Finn. We sit him in his bouncer next to the stereo and he just loves listening to all the instruments and melodies. I'm sure he'd sit there all day and listen if I let him. I just feel so grateful that there is something that gets Finn excited and interactive. I find myself constantly singing and playing music for him because I know how much he loves it. 
I just love my little music man!


  1. Finn is so cute! He probably will be a musician of some sort with those awesome noises : ) PS ever since you had your little boy Finn, Ive come to adore that name, maybe ill use it someday : )
    PSS- the first Anonymous person as NO clue what their talking about, your blog is great the way it is! {too much words and not enough pics?} psshh. Dont listen to them, love your blog!

  2. My little Emma loves music too! I figured it would happen. It pretty much runs in my family.