Friday, January 25, 2013

Finn's Hospital Stay + Update

Phew! We made it home. We were only at the hospital for 48 hours but it honestly felt like a week. We went up to Primary Children's Medical Center for a scheduled long term EEG. We have had 2 EEGs before but they were only 30 minutes long. The poor kid had electrodes taped to his head for two days so they could record his brain waves for a longer period of time and they also had a video camera on him the whole time to record any abnormal movements. There were doctors and nurses constantly in and out of the room checking his vitals, poking and prodding at him, and discussing his "condition" with us. They gave us a log sheet and there was a button we had to push if we saw him do anything that looked like a seizure or misfire. We pushed the button a few times but they said there wasn't any unusal spikes when we had pushed the button so that's good news. This morning they decided they had enough information to get a good reading so they took off his electrodes (which he clearly didn't enjoy as you can see from the photo above) and sent us home. We were so happy to be able to go home, we grabbed some lunch from Red Butte Cafe (if you live in the Salt Lake area you must go and try their grub, their house pasta salad is the greatest thing I've ever had.) and we came home to a fun package. I bought Finn some cute handmade antler leggings on Etsy from a shop called CarlyMegan (she has the cutest handmade apparel and accessories) and they were there waiting for us when we got home, so that was a fun surprise, doesn't he look adorable in them? I could just die. 

But anyway, overall there is still abnormal activity on Finn's EEG results. The full results won't be in for another couple weeks but the neurologists said they still are unsure of what is causing the abnormal patterns on the tests. We have to go back in a couple weeks to do a spinal tap and EMG which tests the effectiveness of his muscles. They are basically ruling out rare things at this point. They have to sedate him so I'm a little nervous about that. We are also going back to the eye doctor next week to see if we can do a procedure that would help Finn's eyes. We think if his eyes could see better it would fix a lot of his other issues. It's all a big guessing game still and the doctors are just as baffled as we are. But Noah and I feel good about where we are at with Finn. We aren't as worried anymore, we know that Finn will be Finn and that's just fine with us, whatever that may be. We are so glad to be back home and be able to sleep in our own beds. You should have seen Finn when we got home. He was so happy, he knew we were safe at home and he was thrilled to lay in his crib, he smiled a babbled for a good 20 minutes then zonked out for about 5 hours. Poor kid was pooped. 

Thank you to all our friends and family who have been praying and asking about Finn, we love you guys and are so grateful for your prayers. We know everything will be alright, we just have to trust in God's plan for us and Finn!


  1. aww poor little one!! on a good hand i really like the pants :)

  2. What a scarey ordeal, but he looks like such a little trouper. Best wishes for a great outcome.

    xox Lilly

  3. Hey I asked Beth the other day if she had talked to you about the Primary's stay, so thanks for the udpate. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I just wanted to let you know I tihnk you are a strong woman and mama and Finn is lucky to have you as his mom! Also congrats on being in a magazine! That is so cool!