Friday, January 11, 2013

8 Months (but almost 9)

I've become a terrible blogger, what has happened? Well I'll tell you what's happened. Crazy life has happened. The holidays kept us very busy, along with my Etsy shop, and I've taken on another little job as well, with my family's mortuary, making photo books. Things with Finn are going well, we see small progression in him and he is becoming so fun and silly. In 2 weeks we are going back up to Primary Children's to do a 2-3 day EEG test. So we are basically moving in for a few days so they can video monitor him and test his brain waves for any strange activity. I personally think it's a bit excessive but I want to do everything in our power to get answers. 

My big boy is almost 9 months. Really, where has the time gone? I refuse to even think about the fact that he is turning 1 in 3 months. It gives me small amounts of anxiety to think about this baby of mine not being a baby anymore. Although, because he is so behind developmentally it's like he's still a newborn (we call him our giant newborn). His social skills are really improving, he coos and babbles back and forth with us and this boy can SING! He can't hold his head up but he can sure carry a tune (another post about that later). 

These are some other things we love about our Finneus right now...

1. He makes this funny scrunched face when he's irritated or uncomfortable.
2. He loves baby food (especially sweet potatoes) and he does a great job, I don't even have to put a bib on him because he doesn't make a mess.
3. As I mentioned above he loves singing and music, his entire demeanor changes when we sing or play music.
4. He sleeps great still. We put him in his crib, awake, and he generally falls right to sleep.
5. We got him this fancy crinkle paper for babies and he goes crazy for it.
6. He loves to make clicking noises with his mouth.
7. He coos and jibber jabbers all day long, he loves the sounds of his own voice.
8. He loves little kids and babies, he gets a big grin on his face when they talk and play with him.
9. He loves getting his diaper changed and giggles when we wipe his little bum.
10. He is super ticklish and every part of his body is so sensitive so he laughs when we pick him up or touch him.
11. He likes noisy restaurants.
12. He's starting to like being held a little bit more, as long as there's not a lot of movement.
13. He hates transition. Going from one activity to the next or being picked up and moved gets him agitated (he's just like his aunty Hailie).

That's our kid. Slow down Samuel, I need you to be a baby for a little longer!


  1. Ahhh he makes me so happy!!! He is such a CUTIE PIE!! Love his rolls, love his sweet eyes, love how he can make me smile whenever I see pictures or read the things you write about him! You're the sweetest momma, he's a lucky boy!

  2. His little chubby legs are the best!!