Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Big 24

 I'm almost a quarter of a century old. It seems pretty crazy to me. I feel like it was just yesterday I was 14 and making outfits out of garbage bags, and filming ridiculous home videos with my homies. I'm looking forward to my 24th year though. 23 was very, um, illuminating I guess you could say. A lot happened this past year and I learned and grew so much. My birthday was supposedly the day the world was ending. I joked all day about how I'd hoped it would end after all my festivities were over. I really was secretly concerned I wouldn't get to enjoy one last birthday. 

I had a wonderful day. Noah took the day off and spoiled me rotten. He got me a pretty necklace with the letter F so I'll always have my Finny with me. He also got me a vegan, gluten free chocolate cake from City Cakes here in Salt Lake City, they are seriously so delectable, you'd never be able to tell they were vegan. He watched Finn while I went to lunch with the girls. And my mom watched the little nugget that evening while Noah and I went to City Creek for dinner and shopping. Everyone always asks me how I feel about my birthday being 4 days before Christmas and I always tell them I wouldn't really know otherwise. But honestly, I totally love it. I love having my birthday smack dab in the middle of all the Holiday hype. It makes it that much more exciting. Plus I score a whole bunch of loot in one week. Well, here's to another year and to hopefully much more learning and growing! 2 days til Christmas!

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