Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Every little milestone Finn reaches deserves some sort of celebration. That's how I feel anyway. The smallest little things that any ordinary baby would do at a few weeks old, Finn is slowly starting to figure out. He recently started bringing his hands to his mouth and it made my whole week. His infrequent giggles lights up my whole world. He also holds and plays with objects now. Noah and I are coming to terms with the way Finn is. We are very okay with it all. We had another EEG this past week and the results came back with no epileptic activity which is great news, it means the medicine he is on is stopping his seizures and he will hopefully be able to start progressing a bit quicker. Cross our fingers. Since starting this medicine he has been a different baby. He is so present and alert. He looks at us more, coos and babbles all day long, and he's so much happier throughout the day (every time I state that his melt downs are over on blog world, they come back so I'm not jinxing myself this time). Noah and I are in a really good place too. We're laughing and being weirdos again which was always quite the norm before Finn's issues came about. Our faith has been strengthened and that's what we needed through all of this. We're pretty much running on faith now, what else are we to do? But we feel good about where we are at with Finn's journey and with life in general. We look forward to each and every milestone with Finn and we can't wait for the next one.


  1. he is such a cutie. praise god for giving you the wisdom and strength you needed during this time. So happy the meds are working!!

  2. I'm so glad the medicine is working. God is SO GOOD!!!!!

  3. Matthew loves his vulli teether. Aren't they the best?! I love the sound they make because it makes him not cry :)