Monday, November 26, 2012

Hucklebaby is 7 months

7 months! We're on the down slope now to a year old. I WILL have a breakdown when that day actually comes. A few things we love about this chunk right now are:

1. He is the cooing and babbling king. His favorite sounds are a-goo and whoa!
2. He still loves playing with his hands.
3. Solids are going well and he likes oatmeal.
4. He likes to make spit bubbles.
5. He will only take naps in his carseat, but he sleeps fine in the crib at night.
6. He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
7. We are convinced he is going to be a musician. He absolutely loves any kind of music but has a soft spot for Indie music like his folks. (Skinny Love by Bon Iver is still his all-time fave).
8. He likes to sing along to music sometimes.
9. If he is starting to get really upset, sometimes the only thing that will calm him down is his vitamin d drops. I guess he likes the taste.
10. Being held is not his favorite. He'd prefer to be laying down.
11. He likes bright colors like yellow and red.

We love this boy and are seeing small improvements in his development. Noah and I think we may have cracked the case with what's causing all of Finn's issues. We have an appointment with the ped on Wednesday to talk it over with her and get some confirmation. We'll update on this as soon as we get it figured out!


  1. These posts are some of my monthly favourites, I can't believe how quickly he is growing!!

  2. I love love love these photos for each month. It's such a great idea!! =)