Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Baby Leg Warmers

A friend of mine made some cute leg warmers for her baby girl so I thought I'd give it a go and do a little tutorial. It was actually super easy and I'm sure you could sew them with a sewing machine but I didn't want to fuss with all the gadgets since I used elastic threat (ahhh, scary) so I hand stitched them. I actually used to think baby leg warmers were the dumbest/trendiest thing ever. My thought was, why don't we just put some pants on the baby. But since having a baby, I've found they are super practical. There are times when I really don't want to put stiff pants on Finn, especially when he is napping or doing his physical therapy exercises. It's nice to slide the warmers on his chunky chunks to keep them warm. My friend also says they're great for when the tots start crawling around as well. So good luck to ya, and happy stitching.

I hope you have a night full of fright, I'll be back tomorrow morning with all the dirty deats of how we spent or Halloween, probably won't be too exciting but there will be pumpkin meringue pie involved so that's something!


  1. Such an amazing idea, I really wanna try this!! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Between the lines

  2. My chunky baby legs seem to the same size as my calf, so I just snipped the end off my knee highs and let the hem roll... And yeah- until my newest baby, (old one is 13) I thought they were dumb but cloth diaper chunky butt plus tall boy makes nighttime diaper rig impossible over a sleeper; so it's a onesie and long stockings! Hurrah!

  3. found this post through pinterest. what a good idea to use elastic thread!