Friday, October 5, 2012

Conference Weekend + A Fun Conference Handout

I've never been good at handouts.
I never know what to do.
I am in the Young Women's at church (girl's sunday school class) and I try to be creative and make things that will help the girls + make it fun and cute at the same time.
For a Young Women's activity we played a matching game to help the girls get to know the General Authorities of the LDS church to prepare them for General Conference this coming weekend.
Well I found online an idea that went alongside 7 Up.
I tweaked the idea so it pertained to Conference.
This is what I came up with....

I love me some 7 Up and I love me some conference.

I'm really looking extra forward to these sessions of conference.
I feel like a have a lot going on in my life right now and there are a lot of things that are unknown and kind of scary so I could use some spiritual upliftment and council from our wise church leaders.
And what's even cooler is that we are going up to the cabin to watch it.

Peaceful environment + peaceful messages = good weekend.
Enjoy your weekend too!


  1. Great ideas to get more out of conference!


    swaney e

  2. Maybe check your spelling on up "lifing". Pretty sure you meant for it to say up "lifting". Darling anyway!

  3. Oh dear! Please check your spelling throughout!!!!

  4. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Wondering if you still have the file so that you could correct the spelling of lifting? I LOVE the idea and would like to share it with my visiting teaching ladies. Thanks for sharing