Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby at the Chiropractor

Take your baby to the chiropractor?
So you're skeptical eh?
Well believe me, I was too.
As you know Finn was the colic master of the world.
He has been colicky on and off since he was 6 weeks old, we're about 15 weeks of pure insanity.
And I was about at the end of my rope with all the crying and hysterics.
So I got desperate.
I'd heard great things about pediatric chiropractors.
I've heard from a few friends that they cured their baby's colic and even reflux.
So one day as Finn was screaming in the other room and as I was just about to lose it I called and made an appointment.
Like I said I was a little nervous and skeptical but the chiropractor was great, she walked me through everything she was about to do and asked for permission before she adjusted him.
When I hear the word adjustment I think of necks being whip-lashed from side to side and backs being cracked and contorted.
But for the babes they use their fingertips and apply small amounts of pressure to the vertebrae.
And guess what?
He's pretty much cured.
He has his moments of fits every once in a while but what baby doesn't.
Compared to the crying all day thing I'd say we're sittin pretty now.
We can actually leave the house now.
We can play and have fun together.
He takes real naps and I can actually get things done whilst he is napping.

Who would have thought, the boy just needed a little adjustment to get his nervous system in order.
As Mrs. Bennett would say, "Have you no compassion on my poor nerves?"

BBC version for life!


  1. wow, i've never heard of that, but it sounds fantastic! congrats on the newfound quiet and playtime! :)

  2. Yay for happy baby:)

    Following from the link-up

  3. WOW really?? I have never heard of that before but I really loved going to a chiro myself. If I ever have a colicky baby I will definitely check that out! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thats true Im a chiropractor too, were not just doing this for adult but also for babies

  5. I echo your worries, my friend. I think it’s normal for mothers to be that concerned especially when it comes to their babies. However, the benefits you can get from chiropractic treatment are enormous. It can catch the sublaxations which happen to your baby at birth and help ease the physical discomfort that the baby experiences. The process is also gentle that your baby can fall fast asleep in the middle of the session.

    Tiffani Villagomez

  6. It’s normal for parents to loath the idea since chiropractors are known to manipulate spine alignment, and we know that the bone structure of babies is very tender. But it’s a good thing you still brought Finn to a chiro. Even midwives are suggesting chiropractic care once a new-born gets colicky. Have a blast in mothering Finn! :D

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