Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Months Old and Rockin the Helmet

This chunk is 5 months old.
By golly he sure doesn't look 5 months old.
Things have been going good over here.
We feel that Finn is making some progress with his development.
We have been doing exercises with him to build his strength and motor skills which I think is really helping him a lot.
He does pretty well during tummy time now, no crying really.
He is getting a lot stronger and does brief little push-ups and head lifts which is great for him.
He is also starting to track. He doesn't do it every time but we can get him to follow a toy or a picture every so often.
I got a couple giggles from him this week which was music to my ears.
I cried at each little laugh.

We also got the helmet this week.
The first couple days he wasn't a fan but he has gotten used to it now.
I can already see improvement in his head shape so hopefully that means he won't have to wear it long.
I tried to pick out the most manly pattern for his helmet.
It was between this, butterflies or camo.
Butterflies are a definite no and I just don't do camo.

I'm so proud of my little man and all the progress he is making.
He is definitely going at his own pace but that's ok with me.
I love him no matter what he can or can't do.
He is my boy.
Happy 5 months my little nugget.


  1. Awww what a cute little pumpkin he is!!!

    I had to surpress a giggle about the helmet, it reminded me of this

    It's great that you can see it working though, he's going to grow up into a right ladies man ;)

  2. My cousin's little boy had a helmet too, and after he got it off he kept getting bruises on his head because with it on it didn't matter when he hit is head. He looks adorable. Does a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon work for you to meet up?? I'm dying to kiss his little rolls.

  3. Finn is absolutely adorable! I'm glad to hear that the helmet is helping with his head shape. My son had some head shape issues too. As far as holding his head up goes, though, I have a friend whose daughter still had trouble at seven months. Is his head in a higher percentile? Her's is, and that makes sense--bigger head needs more muscles! I had trouble getting my son to track or look at me when I called his name too, but there wasn't anything wrong. He was just ignoring me, even if it didn't appear that anything else had his attention. And he still ignores me at times when I try to get his attention, even at 20 months. Boys. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness. I am OBSESSED with your baby. WHAT A CUTIE!

  5. Aww he's so sweet! I can't believe how much he has changed since I've seen him last! What a stud! We can't wait to see your cute family tomorrow!

  6. Finn definitely wears the helmet well! Of course he would look cute in anything. Happy to hear Finn is giggling and you are crying--isn't it great to be a MOM!