Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

I can't believe this was our first time at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market this year.
Actually I'm not that surprised, chunky love doesn't like leaving the house much.
But we braved the storm and he was surprisingly a very good boy.
I love walking around the market on a not-quite-scorching-yet Saturday morning.
It's fun to see all the tents filled with arts, crafts, treats, and produce.
And it's even more fun to sample those treats and produce.

With 20 dollars in our pocket we just had to take home a few tasty tidbits.

-Mint limeade, always a must have when we visit the market.
-Mini lime pie. I must have lime juice pumping through my veins or something.
-Volkers bread loaf. This time we bough sun dried tomato. Guess what their secret is? Mashed potatoes. Those Germans know what they're doing.
-A peach for Noni.
-A snozzle for the pup.
-A little shut eye for the babe.
-And last but certainly not least. A bag of Mabey's Sweet Corn. Growing up, I used to live up the road from the Mabey's and their corn patch. I got to see my cute friend Sarah who was manning the corn stand. Noah and I are convinced they sprinkle crack on the ground when growing the corn. It's that good people.

It was nice to get out and spend some time together walking around the Farmer's Market.
Hopefully we can make it back before the season is over.
I need more mint limeade.
And corn.

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