Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Janis Joplin Said it Best

Cry-y-y-y Baby!
But good news. I think he is growing out of all this colic business.
Sigh of relief....
These last few days have been a lot better and he seems to only cry when he's sleepy.
Can I just tell you how these last 9 weeks have been?
Yes 9 weeks, it doesn't seem that long but it was.
I felt so frustrated a lot of the time because I felt like I couldn't bond with my baby.
He was crying constantly, how do you bond with that?
I tried everything.

Gas drops
Gripe water
Hyland's Colic Tablets (I think they worked for a while but it didn't last)
Probiotic drops

Some of these things seemed to help but only for a brief period.
Noah and I about lost our marbles some days.
But we stuck it out, I shed a few tears along with the crying babe, and now it's looking good folks.
I came to a realization last week when I as at my wits end that it isn't his tummy that's bothering him, it's not his diaper rash, and he probably isn't in any real pain.
This is just him for the time being.
He's just a crier.
I knew it probably wasn't going to last forever and I just needed to accept and love him for all that he is.
Crying and all.
A good friend and neighbor told me, "there's nothing wrong with him or you," and I really needed to hear that.
I needed to stop trying to figure out what was wrong and attempting to fix it, and just let it be and run its course.
I spent so much time and effort trying to mend it that I was slacking on giving Finn the love and attention he needs.
And who knows, maybe he just needed a little more of it.

God knows what we can handle and what we need to learn and grow and this was just another test to help us do that. I'm a firm believer in that. 
In fact it was God that really got me through some of the crying spells.

But we're feeling good over here and we are really enjoying watching and playing with our happy boy.

Cry baby, cry baby, cry baby,
Honey, welcome back home.

Next up, a post about about coping with colic.

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  1. I totally know how you feel!!! There times when nothing we did worked....and I just had to sit and hold a crying baby :( Following you from the blog hop and can't wait to read more. P.S. VERY CUTE blog!!