Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School, Etsy Style

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There's something about mid-August that has a bit of a somber feel to it.
I'm reminded of my school days.
Summer is nearly over, and school is about to begin.
But, there is one thing about back to school that I looked forward to.
Back to school shopping.
Writing utensils.
Love it all. I can still remember those first days of school and the anticipation to wear my favorite new outfit and seeing my friends and teachers.
Oh how the anticipation wore off so quickly and by the second week I'd be skipping class to eat breakfast at McD's or wandering the halls in search of friends to chat with.
School days.
I kind of miss you, kind of don't.

{But wouldn't you love all that fun gear for back to school.}
Thanks, Etsy.


  1. LOVE it!!! :)

    ps, your blog is adorable!

  2. I always remember how excited we were to show eachother our new clothes :) Haha remember that reversable jacket you got inn 5th grade? I stole that thing all the time haha :)