Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Got Rocked

Yesterday we were in a car accident that totaled our car.
We were all in the car including little Finn which was pretty scary.
We were heading southbound heading toward our house after nice little lunch at Pig in a Jelly Jar.
We were stopped at a red light, it turned green but Noah didn't accelerate right away because he wasn't paying attention. So I told him to go, he went and in the corner of my left eye I see this red car coming right at us so I screamed of course and boom, our car spun around and crap was flying everywhere.
My first thought was concern for my baby. He was crying so I jumped out of the car to make sure he was ok. He seemed fine but I got him out of the car and just held him and cried.
I could not handle it if something bad happened to my little guy.
He is my whole world and I'd be lost without him.

The woman that hit us was very remorseful and concerned with Finn.
I couldn't help but feel bad for her as well. I'm sure she didn't plan on hitting a little family that day.
She said she was just zoned out and didn't even realize it was a red light.

Luckily we are all okay and safe but we are taking baby boy to the pediatrician today just to be safe.
Also, I didn't know this but once you're in an accident your carseat is no good so we have to buy a new one. 
What a bummer, I love our Chicco carseat, I hope we can find the same one.

Well by back hurts, my neck aches and I'm planning on the insurance company paying for a nice massage. You know, for all the pain and suffering. Wink, wink.


  1. Oh, you poor guys! I totaled my car in January and was so thankful that my baby wasn't with me. Her mirror flew from the back seat and I nearly hurled. I'm so glad you're okay, the car is totally replaceable. And hopefully the insurance company will pay for that massage. I know you need it!!!

  2. Oh my goodness.... SO SCARY! I'm glad you all are okay! I would look into a chiropractor as well. I know a massage sounds so much better but I got in an accident once and had to see a chiropractor for a few months following the accident.

  3. Make the insurance company pay for a new car seat! Glad everyone is safe. I drive by pig in a jelly jar everyday and want to try it!

  4. Oh no!! I'm so glad that you are okay.

  5. i had no idea the car seat would need to be replaced. crazy?!

  6. If you have insurance, they are supposed to pay for a new car seat. Check into that

  7. Definitely look into making the insurance company get you a new carseat. I'm so glad you are all okay!

    And FYI...if they don't pay for a massage for you, I know a great massage therapist who would be willing to give you one for a very reasonable price ;)