Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Must Have Baby Goods

These are a few products we have loved and some we can't live without.

1. Baby Comfy Nose and Baby Saline. These two go hand in hand. I know this snot sucker looks strange but it really works great and you can see all the icky boogers your sucking out which is an added bonus.

2. Carseat Canopy. For a while we were rockin the whole throw the blanket over the carseat thing. Ya that's a pain because then you can't hold the handle and the blanket is always falling off. The carseat canopy is awesome and it was free (except for shipping).

3. Baby Gas Relief Drops. Poor baby boy has tummy aches sometimes and gets really fussy and these calm him down.

4. Sleeper Gowns. The first couple months it seems like all we do is change diapers so these are nice because you don't have to waste hours of your life snapping those ridiculous snaps.

5. Gumdrop Pacifier. I love these because they aren't round like the soothies, they have a little indent for baby's nose.

6. Boppy. Life saver. 3 am, really sleepy, can't hold up baby. Boppy to the rescue.

7. Pacifier Wipes. These are awesome, I keep them in the diaper bag so when when little buddy's paci falls on the floor or something you don't have to search for a sink to wash it off.

8. Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Bye bye diaper rash!

10. Fisher Price Rock and Play. Finn isn't a huge fan of the swing yet but he loves this rocker because it cradles his little bod and makes him feel cozy.

11. Sound Machine. This little wonder makes obnoxious womblike noises, but hey, he loves it.

12. Puj Tub. Honestly, what would I do without the Puj Tub? What a life saver

13. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets. Little nugget's day mainly consists of eating and being wrapped up in a swaddler, he loves it!


  1. SO glad you posted this... the hubs and I are at a loss of what to start buying for our baby on the way... but this totally helps!

  2. The rock 'n play is what got Stella sleeping through the night - complete life saver. She doesn't sleep in it at night anymore but sometimes likes to nap in it. And I'm so glad you love the Puj - even though you got two haha! Stella has outgrown hers :( Dangit! Love all of your posts!

    Ps...yes we definitely need to have a play date with our babes. I need to hold the little guy!

  3. hahaha that snot sucker cracked me up! what a funny little contraption, i'm sure it works fastically (is that a word?) but it's very entertaining!