Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A colicky baby is probably one of the most frustrating things.
Especially in the wee hours of the morning.
There's absolutely nothing you can do to ease their heart-breaking little cries.

Finn started acting colicky around 6 weeks.
If he isn't sleeping or eating he's probably crying, except for that hour or two in the evening when he likes to lay on the bed and play with mom and dad.
They say the colicky stage ends around 14 weeks but I'm hoping it works itself out sooner than that.

The medical world says colic can be a result of an immature nervous system and sensitive belly.
My theory is that they miss heaven.
Simple as that.
They remember what it's like there and they miss it because it was, well, perfect.
I'd probably cry all the time too if I was thrown into this crazy world after being in such a serene environment.
Poor babies.
Don't worry, life gets better. (But probably not easier)


  1. Lyss,
    After our little chat at Whit's baby shower, my heart was aching for you! I absolutely know what this is like. I promise you - it WILL get better! Please know that I am praying for you and thinking of you often!! Stella's colic eased before 14 weeks. It wasn't completely better until around then, but it slowly gets better and better. You can do it! Hang in there!

    Ps...I still want to meet him - I don't care if he is colicky! haha ;)

  2. You have the best attitude ever. Sorry for all the noise but yes of course, it gets so, so much better.

  3. Hang in there, guys! Those early weeks are brutal...

  4. you are amazing! I love that you said it will get better but not easier....so true and I am sure they do miss heaven! My little Miss will be six weeks a week from today. I guess I might need to drink all of her sweetness in! If she is like my little guy six weeks was a turning point....to put it kindly :)

  5. How did I know I was going to find a post about colic? I am so, so sorry.

    Whew, you're almost to the end though. I wrote a little post about colic...some tips and tricks that helped us, and I'm going to leave it here for you and hope it helps you too! You know you can always talk to me if you start to feel too crazy, okay? I got through it by talking to other blogger mommies who had colicky babies as well.


  6. I'm sorry that he has been colicky! That's a GREAT way to look at it though... they remember a better place! :)

  7. I'm sorry that he has been colicky! That's a GREAT way to look at it though... they remember a better place! :)