Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newborn Boy

Noah and I were talking last night and we asked ourselves. "Do you think Finn really is a pretty cute baby or do we just think he's the cutest thing ever cause he's ours?"
Then we decided we didn't care. We think he's the cutest thing ever and that's all that matters.
His little face just cracks me up sometimes. 
I like that he looks like an old man.
Benjamin Button Boy.
And isn't that little polar bear hat cute? My aunt Mikelle made it for little Finn.
Anyway, check out this cute mug. We took these pictures last week at home with my trusty dusty Canon 60D.

Sheesh, I love him!


  1. No...he is just cute. I have wondered that same thing about my Stella, but like you said - who cares? They are cute to us and thats all that matters! Anyway, great job on the pics...that hat is to die for. And the picture of his crying with his arms flailing around? My favorite...I love when babies do that (I don't know why...I just think its a sweet newborn thing). Mine doesn't do that anymore :( Its sad how fast they grow so enjoy his tiny-ness while you can! Oh I just want to snuggle him! Hope you're adjusting well - let me know if you need anything! Congrats again!

  2. He is GORGEOUS! You are doing a great job capturing all the cuteness with your photos too. When I was waiting for my boy to be born, I prepped myself to meet a baby that wouldn't be realistically cute for at least six months. I got lucky, though, and he was beautiful right away. Ah, I miss those newborn days, but our days are fun in a different way now too. :)

  3. remember when i wanted to keep him?

  4. He is such a sweetheart! He looks so very wise and pensive in that photo below the crying one. Wonder what he is thinking about? I am sure newborns have a unique way to ponder the universe.

  5. Your baby is perfect. not surprised at all.