Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If I Could Re-pack My Hospital Bag

I put so much thought and concern into my hospital bag. I was so worried I was going to forget something (I live like 10 minutes from the hospital, heaven forbid by husband would have to drive back home real quick to get something).
I realized once I got to the hospital that the hospital bag and all the crap I packed was good for nothing, minus a few exceptions. 
But seriously, I didn't use most of the stuff I brought. Maybe it's because I was way too out of it to even care about my appearance or care what I was wearing.
Let me tell you why these things that I brought were completely useless.

robe- You bleed a lot after you have a baby, did anyone ever tell you that? Ya I really didn't want to get         blood on my lovely new coral colored robe.
fuzzy gripper socks- I hate socks. Why did I think I would even need them? They say you get cold once you get the epidural. I was not cold. I was hot, I'm still hot.
nursing bra- I didn't wear a bra the entire time I was in the hospital. Is that weird? Seriously, I'm telling you I was out of it. I didn't care about a thing.
nursing tank- Didn't even buy one.
nursing pads- You don't leak collostrum. My milk didn't come in til the 4th day, no need for pads til then.
toiletries- I only used my toothbrush and toothpaste. Didn't brush my hair, didn't take a shower (waited til I got home) didn't even think about putting my contacts in, and makeup was out of the question.
camera- this is the most important thing we brought, so happy we have photos to document that special weekend.
pillow- the hospital pillows were just fine for me, plus they give you as many as you want!
boppy- very helpful. I was so tired I could barely hold that boy up.
comfy going home clothes- I nice pair of stretchy pants and a t-shirt worked perfect for me.
pajamas- and get them all bloody and gross? I think not.
comfy pants and tees- Again, I just lived in my hospital gown and that was good enough for me.
lanolin- I didn't even need it.
DVDs- I couldn't have cared less about watching movies.
snacks- The hospital has a little room where they have drinks and snacks and anyone can go and gorge themselves. Noah loved this room.
baby book- I was not thinking about documenting at that time, I had bigger fish to fry. Like learn how to be a mother.
coming home outfit for baby- This isn't a terrible idea but Finn just peed in his and we had to change him as soon as we got home so it was kind of a bummer.
blankets- The hospital provides as many blankets as your little heart desires. For you, hubby, and baby.
mittens- He was wrapped up in his blanket the whole time so mittens weren't necessary.
car seat- If you want to take your baby home with you, this is a must.
hats- Hospital has hats. Lots of hats.
diaper bag- To carry all of boy's goods that we stole from the hospital. Actually we didn't steal them, we paid good money for all of it.
socks for baby- Him's little tootsies would freeze. (I know, bad grammar but this is how I speak to my child, and one day I know I'll regret it)
onesies- The hospital provides onesies.
diapers- They give you a nice big pack of em.
pump- The hospital has a pump. They didn't charge me use it either, how kind of them.
nursing cover- I kicked everyone out of the room while I was nursing, I didn't wanna have to fuss over a nursing shawl on top of everything else I was dealing with.
hairdryer- Again, didn't shower. Is that gross? You know, I did take a bath right before I went to the hospital.

What I wish I would have brought? My sanity.
 I don't even remember parts of the hospital stay because I was a bit overwhelmed, emotionally. I'm gonna blame that on the percoset though. 
So anyway, as you can see I put way too much thought into the hospital bag when in reality I didn't need a whole lot. So ladies, just take the essentials. And if you forgot something, make your hubby go home and get it, he'd probably enjoy a little fresh air anyway, being couped up in a hospital room for 48 hours can have a negative effect on some people.

P.S. I loved the hospital we chose to deliver at. And my doctor, all the nurses and staff were great and very helpful. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

P.P.S Have you read E Tells Tales' blog post about Repacking her Hospital Bag? It's a hoot, you should read it. I wish I could cuss in my posts, but my mom reads this sometimes. Damn. I mean darn. 
I'm kidding.


  1. Oh my heck, you need a like button on your blog! I almost sent you a message telling you not to take half of it. But we are each different and you might have actually used some of it. And I knew that you'd discover what you truly need. =)

  2. This is so great, I'm going to have to remember this know your not ready when I don't even know what lanolin is! haha

  3. Haha, I'll have to keep these things in mind for when I have a child! :)

  4. nursing bra...told ya! this post is hilarious!

  5. Oh I love this post - THANK YOU! I am 25 (26 on Monday) weeks, and just starting to think about what I should include and what I shouldn't? I am a total procrastinator, so I'm trying to get a 'jumpstart' on a few things. :)

    Just posted my 'bump' here:

    LOL - have a fab weekend!


  6. You crack me up! :)
    I barely used anything I brought. And I wore my hospital night gown the whole time. It was so granny looking! I think I picked it because it had pink flowers on it??? At the time I was so out of it I didn't notice how ugly it was, but when I look at pictures now I am partially mortified and amused at the same time.
    I didn't wear a bra either. Or shower. And I didn't even care.

    But our hospital didn't have a snack room... that would've been awesome!

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