Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Boy and His Dad

Finn is such a lucky boy. He has such a great dad. I didn't have a dad growing up, he passed away when I was very young so to be honest I don't really know what it's like. Finn was blessed with such an amazing dad and I love watching these two together. Noah will hold this sweet boy for hours on end, get up in the middle of the night to change his diaper then pass him off to me for a feeding, and he has the perfect touch to get him to fall asleep. 
I guess you could say I'm pretty lucky too. To have such a great husband that takes such good care of his family.
Today was Noah's first day back to work so it's just me and the boy. 
We miss him.
Hurry home dad!

Thank you to everyone's kind and helpful comments and advice regarding the last post and being a new mom. I'm starting to get the hang of this new chapter in our lives. We love our Finny so much.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! It sounds like Noah is a wonderful husband and father, and that makes you one lucky lady (this is coming from another lucky lady!)!!!

  2. I remember Dad. And I remember that he loved you a lot. And I think he's really happy for you and grateful for Noah for taking such good care of you guys. ♥

  3. New dad's totally melt my heart. Good luck holding down the fort on your own- I remember the first few weeks on my own being tough but things clicked soon thereafter :)

  4. Such a sweet picture. There will be many more moments like this so get ready.

  5. This is such an adorable picture. And Finn is an adorable name! Congrats, new momma! :)

  6. so sweet! there really is nothing more special than seeing your husband and your baby together. Finn is so adorable. Love that name. Enjoy this quiet time with your sweet little boy!