Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 Weeks

You are already 2 weeks old Finny. My how you've changed since they first placed you in my arms. Here are a few things we love about you.

  • When you get upset you make a piggy noise
  • You always smile when your about to fall asleep
  • You're the best sleeper I know
  • You slept for 6 hours straight last night, we love you dearly for that
  • You love to sleep with your hands above your head
  • You like to pee and poop on us while we're changing your diaper
  • You love to snuggle
  • You will not eat without the nipple shield, I actually don't love that but hopefully we can get you weaned soon
  • You have the cutest lips, I love to kiss them
  • Family nap time is your favorite
  • You love your carseat
  • You're already holding your head up so well
We are excited to see what the next couple weeks bring.
 More newborn pictures to come next week!


  1. 2 weeks already! So Fun!! He is so cute!

    Tiffany V.

  2. that has gone by fast! Oh he looks so peaceful and happy in that pic! Love reading these newborn posts, making me want one!

  3. just found your blog & it's awfully cute. this is such a sweet post. seeing other bloggers' precious kiddos sure makes me a tad baby crazy! and finn is one of my favorite, favorite names. xo.

  4. Such a sweet time- tough but sweet. Enjoy it!