Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Decor and DIYs

Am I too late? Easter is practically here and I haven't even begun to think about Easter decor and projects. Too busy thinking about this baby boy I guess (3 1/2 more weeks)!
But seriously, check out these fun things I found, they'll probably all have to wait til next year but that's alright, I'm getting a head start right?

1. Doily Basket. These are so easy to make. Doilies, bowl, fabric stiffener, done.
2. Driftwood Birdhouse. Anthropologie. Need I say more?
3. Fabric Covered Mason Jars. Put a little bouquet of daisies in and these would make for a great centerpiece.
4. Confetti Egg.Glitter! How fun, yet messy for the kiddies. 
5. White Rabbit Print. Isn't he so cute? He'd make a great and also tasteful wall hanging.
6. Easter Nook. Don't you just love these colors. So bright and inviting.
7. Easter Wreath. Felt, upcycled sweater what more could you ask for. Bring on spring!
8. Felt Bunny Ears. If my nugget was here already, he'd be sporting these this weekend for sure.
9. Washi Tape Easter Eggs. Aren't these fabulous? And how easy would that be?
10. Felted Bunny. Can you tell I'm into felt? It is the best thing ever.
11. Birds and Branches. Martha knows what she's doin. 
12. Italian Alabaster Eggs in Apothecary Jars. How amazing is this? I love the touch of fern leaves that surround the eggs. Tasteful Easter decor people, it's not hard!

See, Easter decor isn't so scary (I'm telling myself this). We don't have to make a wreath out of plastic Easter eggs. (Sorry if you made one of these).

Happy Easter!


  1. I love all of these, Especially that rabbit print, i think i am going to buy it!

  2. I like the glitter confetti eggs!

  3. And.... That would be awesome if there was clear eggs then you put the glitter inside! Now that would be awesome!

  4. LOVE them all - such a pretty color scheme! my favorite is #3 - going to check this DIY out right now!

  5. Oh these are so fun! I'll have to make some next year, too :)

  6. SUCH GOOD IDEAS! I am a little late too..I'm just thinking about decor..and it's like 5 days away! :) OOPS!!

  7. These are all so gorgeous for easter!

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  8. I want to make all of these things! I am having so much trouble finding doilies though!