Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What to Put in My Hospital Bag?

I'm gonna need some help with this. I have searched the web and talked to some mommies about what I should take with me to the hospital when I'm in labor. They all say different things so I need the real deal scoop on what to take and what isn't necessary and should be left at home. Here is my list so far...

flip flops (I hate slippers)
fuzzy gripper socks
nursing bra
nursing tank
nursing pads
comfy going home clothes
comfy pants and tees
baby book
coming home outfit for baby
car seat
diaper bag
socks for baby

things I'm not sure about are:
shampoo and conditioner- does the hospital provide it?
diapers- do I need to bring my own?
what kind of clothing should I bring for myself, I don't really wanna hang out in the hospital gown the whole time.

Am I missing anything?

So obviously I have no idea what I'm doing so any feedback whatsoever would be muchly appreciated, thanks gals!


  1. Lyss...I wore a robe when i knew people were coming to visit, but otherwise I mostly stayed in the hospital gown. You will be bleeding and won't want your own clothes to get ruined. (Sorry...TMI? lol) Definitely bring movies to watch and snacks...especially for Noah because they only feed him one meal...lame. The hospital will give you shampoo and body wash if you want, but it sucks so i would recommend bringing your own. They will provide diapers so don't worry about those. You can bring a nursing bra if you want but I didn't wear one the whole time I was there because its uncomfortable and your boobs hurt lol. Also be sure to pack some sweats or something for Noah to sleep and hang out in...whatever makes him comfortable. I'm trying to think if I missed anything!! Let me know if you have questions! Have fun!

  2. Your list looks great! If you don't want to wear the hospital gown, comfy yoga pants and tanks for easy breast feeding, and a hoodie to cover up are sufficient. (I also ended up staying in my hospital gown the whole time, so I'm glad I brought a robe)
    The hospital supplies you with special panties, but I threw a few granny panties in just in case (you'll be wearing those for awhile after you have the baby)They also give you jumbo pads, but make sure you have some when you get home. If they don't give you stool softener, make sure you have some... you won't regret it!!
    They supplied our diapers while we were there. But every hospital is different, maybe call and ask or ask a friend who has delivered there.
    We also brought our laptop & charger and it came in very handy during downtime (esp for my husband)
    Bring your camera charger just in case! Cell phone chargers too!
    I would just bring a little thing of shampoo and conditioner.
    Your list looks good, and you know, we found if we needed something someone was always willing to bring it over to the hospital.
    Congrats and Best Wishes!

  3. So I can't help but adore your blog even though I don't really know you. I had my little boy at St. Marks in Salt Lake and they had the extensions by the t.v. where you could plug in your ipod/mp3 player. I made a special labor mix with stuff like Enya and played it on low the whole time. I just loved having the light music in the background especially during the really hard hours. You could always ask if they have something like that. I wish you the best of absolutely everything. Little boys are just the most incredible blessing ever!

  4. Your blog is so adorable!! Your list looks great! I would also pick up some facial cleansing wipes, an easy refresher and they work better than baby wipes for spitup wipe downs :) I second the granny panties, and ask them for some extra ice pads to take home with you. Those things were my life save. Congrats and good luck, how exciting!!

  5. I'm not quite ready to start thinking about my hospital bag yet, but I've already had a few experienced mamas tell me to bring a few things I would have never thought of: miralax (for making going to the bathroom after a bit easier) and adult diapers (I've been told mesh panties and huge pads aren't super comfortable). Just passing on some info I've gotten!

  6. I didnt need nursing pads. Your milk doesnt come in until your home. Someone told me to bring tucks to wipe with, but I didnt have a natural birth so I passed them to a friend who found them helpful. I agree with using the hosp gowns along with nursing tanks, no need to get your own clothes messy. You should google she did a great blog post about her hosp bag. She's pretty funny too! Good luck!!

    P.s loved your curtain post!

  7. Oh my gosh I was so unprepared. I am not sure I even brought anything, but a nursing bra would have been great, ditto a robe. Your list looks pretty complete to me.

  8. Thanks for all your help ladies, I appreciate it!!

  9. found your blog on Caseys!!! congrats on the coming baby!! SO exciting! :) I was gonna tell you I did a blog post about what i packed for the hospital (i just had #2!)... here is the link: think its so good you are thinking about might even be surprised by one of the things I recommend: diapers for YOU. yep, I said it. :) promise, it was a great thing to have! :) good luck and congrats friend!! :)

  10. Our hospital provided diapers for the baby and since we pay for them anyway, I had no problem using theirs while we were there. :) Looking back on pictures, I wore a hospital gown for most of the time I was at the hospital but I whenever I look at pictures of others in the hospital, I always wish I had worn my own clothes. Our hospital also gave us the Tucks pads and they were awesome! I was also so thankful for the ice packs! See if you can find a nice nurse who might give you some extras. ;) Good luck!! It's the greatest experience ever!

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  12. I am just packing my hospital bag too, but for baby #4! I think your list looks pretty good! I wore the hospital gown with my own robe over it each time and then near the end of my stays changed into comfy clothes I brought. I never used my own pillows (usually you can request more and honestly I didn't want to bring home hospital germs!) I just used the hospital pillows for nursing as well. Our hospital provides newborn diapers and also had basic soap in the showers, but I always bring my own travel bottle too. I found I was always too distracted with labor to get into any books or movies, but magazines were nice! good luck!

  13. I just found your blog and started following! Actually, I saw your nursery before and loved it. :) Looks like everyone has covered the hospital bag. I found that I brought too much (even brought a pump!), but I wish I had a night gown or something. I just used the hospital gown because they were "checking my bleeding" so frequently that sweats wouldn't work. I had looked for a night gown at Target a week before, but nothing looked quite right. Next time, I guess! Big time congrats!

  14. Your list sounds great! You won't need diapers. The hospital will provide you with plenty. Shampoo was something that's unfortunately forgot, so make sure to bring your own. Good luck! Love the blog. Xo

  15. Looks like you're good to go... The only thing I would suggest is a small fleece throw because hospitals tend to be cold and with so much blood loss, I was freezing. (Then again, I'm the type of person who's always cold!) But if you don't need it your husband might if he plans to spend the night. How exciting that you're getting so close!

  16. just found your blog for the first time...congrats on your upcoming baby boy!!! prayers for a safe delivery!

  17. wow, you already thought of so many things i didn't even know you needed! you could bring those dry shampoo and conditioner if you want, so you can stay in bed!!
    xo TJ