Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Weekend in the Mountains

I can't believe this but I didn't take any pictures of our little getaway. I feel really lame about it, I was just too lazy to get my camera out (I did take it though). But let me tell you, it was a blast. As I said in a recent blog post we got a coupon from citydeals for a night at the Zermatt in a quaint mountain town called Midway, Utah. It's off season which means on season to us semi-locals. There was seriously nobody there which was so great. We had the pool and hot tub all to ourselves, speaking of pools and hot tubs I have to veer off subject for a bit. If you are pregnant and have any kind of bodily pains whatsoever, go swimming/hot tubing. Its like having a little glimpse of what life was like before pregnancy. No pains, complete weightlessness, heaven. Seriously try it. The hot tub wasn't very hot it was more like a warm bath so it was perfect for pregnancy. 
Anyway,  I got a lovely little pedicure (my first ever) which was awesome, I haven't really looked at my feet in a while and my are they swelling up. Noah got the whole workout center to himself complete with sauna, steam room, and aroma therapy room while I was getting my pedi. I think he was in heaven.
To finish off our little getaway we stopped in Park City on the way home and had some lunch at Main Street Pizza and Noodle and then hit up a couple shops. One of my favorite shops on main street is Olive and Tweed. If your ever in PC go to this shop, they have the most reasonable priced, adorable threads ever. They also have cute baby items as well. Then we went to a book store and bought Finn a little book called Not A Box by Antoinette Portis. It's a sweet little story about imagination. Love it.

So ya, we had a great time on our last mini-vacation before little Finn comes. I can't wait to take him on our little vacations.


  1. Ah sounds so nice and relaxing and glad you could enjoy the hottub!

  2. offseason vacations are the greatest! so glad y'all got to have a great weekend :)

  3. good for you!!! Sounds like a great time for both of you.

  4. Your first pedi ever?! Did you love it, what a treat! And I am from here in Provo, UT and I love olive and tweed and park city in general!! Very cute blog:) thanks for the sweet comment on mine!

  5. Lovely blog and thanks for the comment on mine! Yay for little Finn! I love his name. :)

  6. Midway is so quaint I love it! I'm from Utah and we go up there all summer long. And to PC! I'm so glad you had fun!

    I'm still getting over you JUST having your first pedi ever! ;)

  7. That sounds like a great vacation! That boutique looks so cute, I absolutely love little stores like that! Enjoy the last part of your pregnancy, love the name Finn! You must be getting so excited to meet him!

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