Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Birthday Girls

I love these girlies. They are my cousins, Emery and Susie. We live just down the street from them so I get to play with them whenever I like which is just fabulous. These little gals have birthdays just a couple weeks apart from one another. Little Sus just turned one last week and Em is turning 4 next week (she's getting so big, I started nannying her when she was just a year old, my how time flies).
Their mamma Adri asked if I would take some birthday photos of them and of course I jumped at the chance to snap some shots of these cute gals. We did this shoot just in their backyard. I brought some balloons and a pennant banner for some fun birthday props and we had a ball. 
Here's how they turned out.

She went ca-razy.
Which made for excellent photos.

I'm so happy with how they turned out. I didn't have to do much cause they are just so darn cute.
Love these girlies.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Emery looks so old! Haha, Susie has got such red hair too! Rachel loves it! I remember when I went and got my hair cut at Adri's Susie was like a different babsy :) Your awesome!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I miss having young cousins... so much fun!!!

  3. LOVE these photos! They have the most beautiful blue eyes! And I LOVE the sweet little props!!! Perfect!


  4. Kids are the best subjects. My daughter is Emry too, but no e in the middle and just 2 syllables.

  5. My goodness, those photos are precious!

  6. those blue eyes- wow! gorgeous pictures! xo

  7. These are super wonderful pictures! They are so stinkin' cute!!! xoxo A-

  8. balloons and cute girlies make ANY photoshoot too adorable for words.

    happy monday friend!

  9. They are ADORABLE and oh so precious! :)

    I just stumbled upon your blog from The Wiegand's link up and so happy I did. Excited to read more!