Friday, February 10, 2012

Thoughts on the Third Trimester.

Did I ever think I'd make it to this point? No. This pregnancy has flown by and before I know it I'm gonna be strapped to a hospital bed praying for the ever so blessed epidural. This little monkey face is going to be here in 11 short weeks (hopefully a little sooner, please don't go past your due date baby boy). I still feel like there's so much to do and learn. His nursery is about finished, I can't wait to debut it. It turned out just how I imagined.

I've been thinking a lot about the kind of mom I will be. I hope I am endearing and kind-hearted, especially when he makes me want to pull my hair out.
I hope I can always be patient with him and for him to know that I will be there for him no matter what the situation is.
I just want him to look up to me and be proud that I am his mom (uh oh, starting to tear up over here).
I really just want to be the kind of momma my mom was to me. I really lucked out with her!
I want him to have a good relationship with me and his dad and most of all with the Lord.
I hope he knows that I will love him always and infinitely.

I've been dreaming about him a lot. He has the cutest little face. I wonder if he will really look how he does in my dreams, wouldn't that be something?

I can't wait to hold him. I imagine what it will be like the first time I see him and get to hold him. I want to memorize every inch of him and never forget how precious and small he was. I think I will miss him being in my belly a little. His new favorite pastime is stretching out and kicking my right hip as hard as he can... just the right one. I think he knows what he's doing too.

Maybe we aren't ready physically for him to come but I've been ready emotionally for quite sometime now. These 11 weeks better fly right on by so I can see my boy.

Love you, boy.


  1. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of love! My little guy is 8 months almost and it is seriously the best gift you'll ever get! Ok I'm gonna ramble here for a minute because I've been reading over your posts and I have lots to say (so bear either me :) 1--I love that you love chalky candy/tums! I think I've probably eaten 3 bags already since the candy hearts came out! 2--You live in Utah like I think we are destined to be bloggy friends :) 3--Are you having a hard time picking out a boy name?

    Ok that's all for now! Have I scared you off? Ha! Sorry :)

    Have a great Vday!


  2. Jenna- Yes we shall be blog friends haha. We have picked out the name Finn for our little guy! It was hard cause we could not agree on any names, that was the first one so we went with it and it already suits him I think!

    Hope you have a great V Day too!

  3. awww you're a mama-to-be! congrats! you are about to embark on the most amazing journey. My daughter will be one next week and it makes me teary eyed to think how fast this first year has flown by. What an incredible gift you're about to receive. The first couple of months will be challenging but so magical. And believe me when I say, every day, week, month, it just gets better and better. So excited for you! xo

  4. Youre going to be an amazing mother! I hope this last little bit will go fast for you, having your first baby is so neat and wonderful, youll do great! Thanks for the sweet comment over on my blog, Lets just say im loving your blog and im a new follower! So cute!

  5. So sweet!! I am 21.5 weeks pregnant and can't wait to hit the third trimester mark! So lucky of you to have dreams with your sweet baby boy in them, I have yet to have one!!