Friday, February 17, 2012

These are a Few of My Favourite Pins

Yes we waste a lot of "precious time" on Pinterest. But would my home be as homey or my crafts be as creative or my meals and treats be as delicious? Probably not. Here are some of my all time favorite pins. Oh Pinterest.

First and foremost, Audrey. I had never seen this photo of her and my heart skipped a beat when I did.

I will always be smitten with this nursery.
And this one too. Love the Boho feel.
How fun for the kids!

I just swoon over reclaimed wood.

This photo makes me want a cup of hot cocoa.

Almond pistachio lemon cream cake. One day I will make this.

Turn a vintage camera into a night light. Ok.

So beautimous.

Make this. You won't be sorry.
Bright and cheery.
I'm so obsessed with Sydney's oversized sweater. I believe she got it at Ruche. It's out of stock now.

I can't get over how cute and delicious these look.

I will forever be indebted to Justina Blakeney.
Big Bean Photography.

Delicious Secrets!

Powdered sugar. Now why didn't I think of that?
So rustic.

There's plenty more where that came from. Let's be Pinterest friends.
I love you Pinterest.


  1. i love we have the same pins. love you syss.

  2. that photo of Audrey if lovely!

  3. I too am a Pinterest fanatic. But I agree! There are so many great recipes, design ideas, and fashion ideas that I have used. Oh, and if you like banana anything, I just made this banana cake and it was divine (doesn't even need the icing):

    Here's to Pinterest!


  4. How funny! I am pretty sure I have pinned half of your pins. I love the reclaimed wood. We just redid our floors, and I was hoping to do them in reclaimed wood, but I decided it would be too hard ha ha.

  5. i'm OBSESSED with pinterest. i could stay on there for hours and plan every detail of my life, pretty much.

  6. love all that rustic wood and that nursery. i kind of have a thing for birds!