Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Upcoming Nursery Crafts

 I'm getting the itch to get this nursery finished. I have plenty of time, yes, but I just really want to start seeing it come together. We bought a crib (hooray) so that helps ease my nesting needs a bit. I've been thinking a lot about all the cute things I need/want to make. I haven't crafted in a while so it's time to bust out the sewing machine and E6000 (buy this stuff, you won't be sorry).

Anybody got any driftwood lying around? Not sure how I'm gonna do this but I'm determined.
Burlap curtains. Or something that looks like burlap.

I want to make a plaid quilt. I made Noah an Alaska plaid quilt a few years back, I may just use that.

My Aunt Megan was telling me about these cute crocheted animals. Better learn to crochet (or have her make me one).

 And for pillows.

Log pillows. I may have to buy these cause that looks grueling.
Whale on linen. Cute.
Stumbled upon this just today. How cute, I would replace the deer with a moose or brown bear!
Alaska Pillow!

Pallet shelves. I can't wait for these to be done (or started). I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pallets.

Not really a craft but I've been thinking a lot about what I want to put in the gallery wall. I've got some potentials, can't wait for it to come together.

I hope all these little beauties turn out as well as their inspirations. I'll keep ya posted.


  1. I miss you. I want to craft with you. You should do linen curtains. Burlap is so hard to keep even and will shed on your poor baby's head:)

  2. Well we need to craft then! I agree, plus burlap is so hard to sew.

  3. How fun! I wish I was there so we could work on our nursery crafts together. :( What do you use E6000 for?

  4. I think that little crocheted moose is so! cute. I want a Black Cat one, just like Newton :)

  5. The pallet shelves are amazing. I'm so excited to come see this room and Finn!