Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trendy Baby Paraphernalia and Other Pricey Things That Babies Probably Don't Need (Or Do They?)

Finding all the right products for baby is a grueling process. We don't wanna spend an arm and a leg but we want the best for him and we want him to be safe. I have been doing a lot of research on the web, looking for the best products for our little guy. Let me tell you, I've come across some pretty interesting things. It's amazing what people will buy for their kids. It comes down to one question, does your kid really need this or are you just super trendy? I'll admit some of these things are pretty awesome and I wouldn't mind owning them, but some of them.... come on. Get ready for information and photo overload.

Cribs and sleeping
Better Basics Harper Crib. $500. Ok, I really like this crib. I kinda want it, but it is 500 dollars and probably too contemporary for my taste.

Graco Charleston. $150. This is what we went with. Great for our budget!

Cariboo Folding Bassinet. $350. Seems a bit extreme for a bassinet that folds, plus it looks like a laundry hamper.
Offi Nest Bassinet. $999. Apparently it turns into a toy chest as well. I'll just buy a toy chest thanks.
Dreambur Bassinet. $550. Baby Hanging from ceiling.
Graco Pack n Play Silhouette Wilko. $109. This is what we bought. We were going to get a bassinet but realized little Finn will probably only use it for a couple months and if we get a pack n play he will use it til he's 4. The pack n plays these days are pretty awesome. The bottom raises up so baby is closer to the top, and they generally have a changing table attachment.

Strolling and Car seating.
Orbit Car Seat. $400. Space probe for baby!
Stokke Stroller. $1000. I'll fess up, I really want this. Look at all the crazy things it does.
I'coo Targo Stroller and Pram. $500. It only does half of the cool things the Stokke does so it's half the price.
Chicco Cortina Travel System- Perseo. $300. We bought it. And I love it. We looked into a different travel system made by Graco and it was seriously a piece, there's no way I was gonna put my baby in it. We spend a bit more than we would have liked but I really trust Chicco and I'm glad we bought it.

Baby Bjorn Balance Seat. $180. This doesn't seem safe to me, babies don't balance.
MamaRoo Infant Seat. $200. Ok, this is cool. Watch the video here.

The Hushamock. $429. I don't even have a hammock, why should my kid get one.

Fresco Newborn Cradle. $500. A little too high tech looking for me. It converts into a high chair. Oh boy.
Graco Giraffe Swing. $140. This is what we are using. We are actually borrowing it.... free.

Stokke High Chair. $200. Stokke does it again. This thing is pretty cool. And 200 bones isn't bad!
Svan High Chair. $280. Whooa. What is this?
Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair. $250. Ya I want this. Noah won't let me get it. Mean.

Baby Diego Posh Bath and Changer. $150. Not sure exactly how this works.
4 moms Cleanwater Infant Tub. $90. Kinda cool, but maybe a little over kill. Check out the
Puj Tub. $40. Yep, this is what I'm getting. Stick your kid right under the faucet and hose him down.

Carrier and Changing table

Baby Bjorn. $130.  I've used these before, they're actually pretty legit. Maybe I'll receive one as a gift.

Bo Ekstrom's Nathi Changing Table. $750. I'll be honest, we aren't even getting a changing table. The nursery is small and I figure I'll just change him in my room.

Health and Safety

Tommee Tippee Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor. $300. So you put the pad under baby and if he hasn't moved in 20 seconds it alerts you. Comes with video monitor. Pricey piece of technology but if your concerned about SIDS (and which mom isn't too an extent) could be nice to have.
Infant Pacifier Thermometer. $10. Ten bucks isn't bad. Could come in handy I guess.

Whew. Are you as overwhelmed and confused as I am? I think I'm going to just keep it simple and keep telling myself, "Finn doesn't care if he has the coolest baby gear."

Good luck baby goods hunting all you parents to be!


  1. I LOVE the stokke stroller! I would get it in a heartbeat if we were rich. Do some research before you use a bjorn. I've read that it puts pressure on the baby's spine and isn't good for their alignment. I want a Beco Gemini. It looks awesome. I would also love that puj tub... But it's a little pricey and we still have a lot to buy. :(