Monday, January 23, 2012

Lovely to Meet You

Hello baby, welcome to the world. Isn't this a cute idea? I got the idea for this little creation in this craft book a few years back. I changed it up a bit though. I made one similar to this last year and used an iron on transfer as was directed but iron on transfers make me sad, they never print the way I want them to and they tend to look a little hazy. So what did I do? I bought printable fabric. This stuff is great. I've used it a few times in quilts and just as long as you don't wash it (dry clean only), your project will turn out perfect. You just print right onto the fabric then sew it onto your project. I used my ever so favorite stitch, the blanket stitch to attach this bad boy to the onesie.

I can't wait to put my little Finn in it.


  1. So cute!!! It totally looks like you bought it at an upscale boutique! Nice work!

  2. I was hoping you wouldn't see this quite yet.... a surprise is coming your way!